The Fannie Bay Gaol Hauntings

The Fannie Bay Gaol Hauntings

This article will be covering the paranormal activity linked to Fannie Bay Gaol – a location that was built to deal with the way prisoners were housed in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia…

Her Majesty’s Gaol and Labour Prison 

In the years leading up to 1883, the prison services in Darwin were regarded as a little bit of a joke. The system was seriously flawed – with prisoners frequently leaving the prison location to take a little stroll through the nearby streets.

Most of the criminals who were housed in the area, were quite grateful for being caught – at least they had a roof over their heads and three meals a day!

The locals had reached tipping point with the situation – something needed to change.

On the 20th September, 1883, Her Majesty’s Gaol and Labour Prison at Fannie Bay was opened and the prisoners were moved in.

Her Majesty's Gaol and Labour Prison 

This ‘establishment’ was nothing like the old prison – this was a center of punishment run by professional guards.

The building was made up of two separate blocks which contained 16 stone cells. It also contained a kitchen and a bathroom/wash area.

In 1887 an infirmary was added onto the main building, then in the mid 1920’s, a brand new building was built on as an extension for female criminals. In the 1950’s a series of Maximum security wings and a guard tower were added to the location.

Documented Executions

Records show that there were eleven documented executions at the Fannie Bay Gaol…but relatives of past inmates, and locals believe that over 60 further executions were covered up.

Up until 1952, a simple, rather crude gallows was in place in the prison yard. During the end of ’52, a more ‘professional’ gallows was constructed at one end of the infirmary.

Documented Executions

The new gallows were only in use for about 10 months – the last two executions to be carried out in Darwin were that of Jerry Coci and Jonus Novotny, two Romanian immigrants who were charged with the murder of a taxi driver.

The paranormal activity at Fannie Bay Gaol seems to be linked to these final two executions. As soon as the immigrants were executed, strange things started happening in the cell block buildings at night.

It got to the point where certain guards refused to go anywhere near the gallows setup after dark.

Paranormal Activity

Fannie Bay Gaol closed it’s doors on the 1st of September, 1979. It then reopened a few years later as a museum.

Numerous visitors to the museum have reported paranormal activity – doors opening and slamming shut by themselves, the sound of something being dragged slowly along corrugated iron fences and ghostly walls which suddenly appear in front of visiting tourists.

Many visitors have left the building in a hurry due to panic setting in – they feel as if they are being watched, and cannot take the feelings of fear any longer.

The Fannie Bay Gaol Hauntings

Psychics believe that the infirmary is the central hub to most of the paranormal activity – anger, depression and fear have been reported in various investigations there.

Have you visited the Fannie Bay Gaol?

Did you have any paranormal experiences there?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

8 comments on “The Fannie Bay Gaol Hauntings

  1. Thank you Chris for your history lesson. I have never been to Fannie Bay Gaol and I don’t think that it is a place that I would like to visit. When it comes to the paranormal, I think that some people have an eye for spirits while others are not as attuned to the spirit word. I personally have never had and experience with a spirit although my girlfriend claims to see them all of the time.

    1. Hi Micah,

      Well I’m glad this article turned out to be a bit of a history lesson for you – I’ve never been complimented on my history lesson skills before 🙂

      Cheers for stopping by and taking the time to comment on our work mate – have a good day! 

  2. I have never visited the Fannie Bay Gaol and I don’t think I will ever do. Paranormal activities freaks me out. I cannot support even reading a story like this, going there and experiencing it by my self is too much for me. These type of stories are really scary, but human beings are really strange: they want to experience everything, even extreme fears.

  3. Hi Chris. 

    Lol. I never knew prisons can be as good as that as in the years leading up to 1883. Prisoners taking strolls and having three square meal. Anyone finding it difficult to eat and probably do not have a place to lay head would probably wish to be there.

    The later has become so so scary. Sounds as in those in scary movies. Well, I never had an idea Fannie Bay Gaol had this much paranormal activity.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing.

  4. Hello Chris,

    This is the first time I am visiting your site and you have some really “interesting stories” here. I have watched on the TV a few paranormal TV series and find them really spooky. Reading yours gave me the same feelings. Not really a fan of this activities because I do not want to have any nightmares. Nonetheless, it is still interesting to know.

    Thanks for the sharing, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Well I hope we haven’t given you any nightmares – maybe you should stick to eBay in future (much safer there!)  🙂

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