The Gary Wilcox UFO Incident


The Gary Wilcox UFO Incident

​On the morning of April 24, 1964, a 27 year old farmer had an experience he would never forget. In this article we will be looking into the Gary Wilcox UFO incident to find out what really happened that morning in Newark Valley, New York.

Gary Wilcox

Gary Wilcox’s farmland spread out over 300 acres in Newark Valley. That fateful morning he was out spreading manure over the grass fields when he caught something out of the corner of his eye.

He looked across to where the woods met his field land and spotted something strange that seemed to be making a mechanical engine noise.

He decided to get a better look at the object that was making this strange noise so he turned his tractor around and headed for the edge of the woods.

The Object

When he got to the object he was confronted with something he initially believed to be an oil tank or similar. But when he bent down to look at it’s legs he suddenly realized that it was floating above the ground!

He later described the object as about 20 foot long in the shape of a elongated egg. He was unsure about the material it was made out of so he gave it a quick kick.

He came to the conclusion it was definitely some kind of metal – it had a very smooth surface and he could not locate any joins anywhere. When he lay his hand on it he felt nothing – no vibrations or feelings to indicate that it was powered by anything.

Suddenly two small men appeared from underneath the strange object holding a strange tray. They had various samples of wildlife and plants spread across this tray.

UFO Above The Wilcox Farmland

They were wearing all-in-one suits that covered every part of their body. Wilcox was understandably petrified and he could not speak for a few seconds – they just stood there staring at one another.

One of the beings decided to break the silence and informed Wilcox that he should not be afraid – apparently they had been through human contact before.

Later when interviewed Wilcox stated that:

“Their voices did not sound like a voice I could describe. I could understand what was said but cannot tell whether they were speaking English or not.”

There conversation carried on and the two beings began to ask Wilcox about his farming methods, the tractor they could see and the manure he was using.

They informed him that they were originally from Mars and that there was no need for farming there due to the hostile atmosphere.

The Request

The conversation lasted for a couple of hours and in this time Wilcox learned that the aliens had been studying his farming techniques for several weeks.

At the end of the conversation Wilcox made a request to go to Mars with the beings to find out what it was like himself. They flatly turned down his request informing him that the atmosphere was much to thin for him to survive in.

They told him that they specifically stuck to rural areas on Earth due to the atmosphere being safer than the congestion in the urban areas. Their craft seemed to struggle with the city atmosphere and smog.

When it was time for the beings to leave Wilcox offered to give them one of his bags of fertilizer so they could examine it at a later date. The beings informed him that they were now pushed for time and could not afford to wait for his return.

He stood back and watched them board their craft and take off into the morning skies at an incredible speed.

Later that same day Wilcox returned to the spot where the strange incident had taken place and laid down a bag of fertilizer on the ground. When he returned the next morning there was no sign of the bag.

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  1. It’s all just a fake story in which I don’t believe.It might be true but the person,Gary Wilcox is like just cooking up something.We have no strong evidence in regards to it as the photograph also looks somewhat fake.

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