The Ghost Hand

The ghost hand

I actually came across this picture for the first time yesterday and I just HAD to include it here – it was found on one of my daily journey’s through the StumbleUpon geek archives!

I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for these types of pictures, and this particular picture is going to be spread through our network of sister sites all through today…

The Hand

Okay, first things first – did you spot it?

Seriously – did you spot it?

Take a look at the largely miserable bunch once again…

The Hand

The picture was actually taken in a Belfast linen mill back in 1900 – by the expressions on the girl’s faces, I’m guessing it was a bit of a bummer working there!

The photograph originally appeared on the Belfast Live website as part of an article looking back at trades that now no longer exist.

A female visitor to the website was shocked to spot this image, because her dad had the same picture hanging in his house when he was alive. Apparently, her great-grandmother is one of the girls captured in the photo (I have no idea which one!).

Belfast Live had not noticed the ghostly apparition of a hand in the photo until this woman contacted them – she informed them that this was actually considered a family ghost image, and had been for years!

As I touched on above – I love these kinds of paranormal images and the viral quality they have once they hit the internet.

So, feel free to share this baby wherever you want, whenever you want!

6 comments on “The Ghost Hand

  1. Huh?

    What about the woman in white behind the girl who’s got the “ghost” hand on her shoulder? She’s in one picture but not the other. Do you detect the faint aroma of Adobe Photoshop in all this?

    Sorry, sounds like another internet hoax to this cynical old geezer.

    1. Not sure with this one Fred – I visited the Irish publication online with the originals and the updated article with the great granddaughter showcasing the ‘family’ version – it’s all every strange, from start to finish. We pointed out the woman in white but were told that they were two separate images, broke up to show the hand, from a different website – this was true, they only had one image in the article.
      To be honest – it would be nice to know more about this relative, but they’d never give out that information online (unfortunately).
      Only the second picture appeared on the Belfast article – the first is cropped out by another mysteries-based site (yeah, I ‘borrowed’ that image!!!) 🙂

  2. If a whole person can “disappear” from a supposedly genuine photo, it’s hard to take seriously a mysterious hand “appearing” in the same photos. The removal of that woman also removes any credibility in these pictures.

    1. I’m in the process of trying to find out where we got the second photo from Fred. Typically, we can now only find our (this) article online when we search for the subject due to everyone sharing it!
      I work on the site with two other guys – which is why we are so all over the place at times (we’re not the notepad and pen types!) 🙂

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