The Ghost in the Radio

The Ghost in the Radio

This post will be covering the ghost in the radio that a Scottish heritage center has been picking up since 2010. How does this World War Two radio continue to pick up vintage broadcasts despite not having any power?

The Haunted Radio

The radio is now over 70 years old and it sits in a Scottish heritage center – workers there claim it has been picking up vintage broadcasts featuring Winston Churchill…and certain musical hits from Glen Miller.

It’s a Pye valve wireless radio and it’s kept at Montrose Air Station. This center is set up to inform the public about the men and women who worked there during the war effort. The radio has no power and is damaged to the point where it cannot be connected to any modern power source.

The aerodrome is actually quite famous for the amount of paranormal reports it’s received over the years. Numerous ghost experts and hunters have investigated the location due to it’s constant reports of ghostly figures, eerie footsteps and door handles turning by themselves.

The Haunted Radio

The Broadcasts

Several members of staff have reported that the radio suddenly comes to life – blasting out famous Churchill speeches and tunes from the Glenn Miller orchestra. These broadcasts have, on occasion, lasted up to an hour in length.

A trustee of the center named Bob Sutherland claims that he has heard the radio blast off into one of it’s broadcasts on several occasions. He even claims to know the Glenn Miller song that is played – At Last.

Sutherland claims that the volume of the broadcasts is never that loud – but it is loud enough to make out what is being said/played.

The center’s resident radio expert, Ewan Cameron, was called in to examine the radio and he was left baffled. He even ended up searching the room to see if he could find some sort of powerful transmitter – but there was nothing that could have caused the broadcasts.

Churchill Broadcasts
Broadcasts From Churchill

The Radio

The radio was purchased secondhand by the father of volunteer Marie Paton, 67, back in 1962, and it joins a long list of mysteries at the air station.

Visitors have reported strange ‘energies’ around the airfield, phantom footsteps and door handles turning and opening by themselves. There have also been strange cases that involve the sound of aircraft on the runway…when it hasn’t been used in years.

More recently, there have been reports of Shadow People walking in and out of rooms and in one case…a staff member came face to face with a Second World War Pilot, dressed in full uniform.

Paranormal investigators believe that this pilot could be the spirit of Lieutenant Desmond Arthur of the Royal Flying Corps. Arthur tragically died when his biplane crashed.

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