The Ghost Moose – Spectral Activity in Maine

The Ghost Moose - Spectral Activity in Maine

First sightings of the ghost moose came about in the 1900’s in different areas of Maine. It was reported that the creature was an over sized animal of at least 10 foot in height and bore huge frightening antlers. It had a very strange white hue to it’s coat which seemed to glow sightly.

Hunter’s Tales

A lot of hunters at the time came across this impressive yet ghostly beast and they all claimed it had an extremely acute sense of smell and hearing.

Whenever it sensed anyone near to it’s vicinity it would disappear then reappear elsewhere.

Many a hunter would attempt to take down the ghost moose only to be thwarted at the last moment by it disappearing in a blink of an eye!

Two such hunters were named Gilman Brown and Granville Gray who both claimed to have got closest to the beast. As they drew their weapons and fired the animal had vanished before the bullets could penetrate it!

The Beginnings

The first sighting of this ghostly beast came about in 1901 when a sportsman named M.A. Cushing encountered it near Chairback Mountain in the Katahdin region.

After this first sighting the creature seemed to appear in waves back and forth with years of no activity in between.

Chairback Mountain
The Summit of Chairback Mountain

For some reason the creature decided to appear a lot more frequently through the year of 1938 – it was often spotted in the forests of the Chesuncook region.

A man known as Houston filed a report on the beast in the same year. He claimed he was crossing a particularly large bog when he noticed a herd of moose to one side of it. Not to far away from this herd were three larger bull moose and one in particular stood out.

It was a huge creature that towered above the other two animals. Houston claimed that the creature had a strange white glow to it’s coat and to it’s antlers.

Of course not everyone was down with the story Houston was offering. Many skeptics thought that he was drunk and the ghost moose was nothing more than a large horse ( grey or white in color of course! ).

Houston argued that a horse was highly unlikely to grow any antlers and he was also an experienced hunter – wouldn’t he be able to tell the difference between a horse and a massive, glowing moose?

Nothing Strange

It’s the actual color of the moose that most people took note of – it wasn’t that strange really!

About 99% of the population of moose out there are going to be brown – this is the norm. But in some cases there are reports of white moose – this is not uncommon!

there are reports of white moose

Being Albino is one of the reasons touted for this strange occurrence but if this is the case why are the white moose’s eyes colored brown? Surely the eyes would have some kind of pink coloring to them if the creatures were indeed Albino?

There is actually an area in Canada called the White Moose Forest and there are numerous sightings of these creatures there. Not one of these sightings have reported the creatures to be of a large size though!

Something Strange

Could these types of moose found in Canada be behind the reports of the ghost moose? Is the mythical creature nothing more than a very large moose with a rare and anomalous color pattern?

Or is there really a ghostly creature of immense size that rears it’s head every few years? Is this spectral animal equipped with the ability to appear and then disappear within a blink of an eye? Where is this creature now?

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