The Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach

The Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach

This article will be taking a look at the urban legend that surrounds the ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach. What is the story behind the female phantom that beseeches passing motorists?

Let’s take a closer look…

Heading Towards Noraville…

Local legend warns motorists to beware when heading towards Noraville in New South Wales (Australia) – don’t pick up hitch-hiking women!

As you drive down the road, minding your own business, an extremely pretty young woman may well appear on the side of the road.

Her looks may win you over – surely there is no risk involved with picking up a harmless young lady?

Heading Towards Noraville

When you pull over, she opts to jump in the back seat of the car, instead of the front.

Driving in silence is always a bit uncomfortable, so you start a conversation.

She begins to reply to your questions, before suddenly trailing off mid-sentence…

Before long you realize you are talking to yourself…the young girl has somehow disappeared into thin air.

When you finally arrive at Noraville, you discover that the local police have received numerous reports concerning the ‘disappearing girl’ – this paranormal event has been has playing out for more that forty years.

The Story Behind The Spirit

A young and attractive woman was making her way down Wilfred Barrett Drive in the early 70’s – day was turning into night and the light was fading.

She decided to stick out a thumb and rely on the kindness of passing drivers, to get her home.

Within minutes, a car full of young men pulled up next to her. She jumped in the car and they set off down the road.

Unfortunately, this was not a nice group of young men…

They ended up sexually abusing the young lady, before beating her and leaving her on the side of a nearby beach.


The beaten young lady was eventually discovered by another passing motorist, but she was at death’s door.

She managed to tell the local police that she would be back to get revenge on the five young men…but she passed away before she could leave any descriptions of them.

Police knew who the five men were – but they had no real evidence, and had to release them without charge.

Within twelve months of this tragic incident – all five of the young men were dead (three car wrecks, a hanging and a self inflicted shotgun wound).

Locals later claimed that the young men had been going slightly crazy over the process of the twelve months – all claiming to have seen a spirit haunting them.

Ghost Girl of Jenny Dixon Beach

For the past forty years people have reported seeing a young girl at the side of the road – in some cases she has even manged to cause accidents.

Locals to the area claim that the young woman’s name was Jenny Dixon, and the beach near where she was found, was named after her paranormal appearances.

The Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach

It’s worth noting that there are two conflicting paranormal stories linked to this beach – the hitch-hiking ghost we have covered above, and another female ghost that is often spotted facing the scrub, having suddenly appeared as if from nowhere.

Witnesses claim that she holds out her hands to those who spot her – in an attempt to get their help…but people are too terrified to go near her.

Do you think these two ghosts are actually one and the same?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

18 comments on “The Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach

  1. I believe in karma. The men that did those things to the woman deserved what they got. Now I’m not use if its the woman’s ghost that caused them to lose their life but I guess anything is possibe. Sometimes the brain can play tricks on you. And being she said she would seek revenge, maybe that played on the men’s mind causing them their fate. I beleive this story would make a good movie. I found it very intriguing.

  2. Wow, a scary story indeed. I never know for sure if I should believe things like this but why not, everything is possible no?

    I wonder how I would react if I was asked to stop for a lady like that. Probably if it was near the Jenny Dixon beach I would push down the gas pedal and never come back lol.

    I need to read more stories on this site, I like this 🙂

  3. Dear Chris,

    Interesting article and I really felt bad for her and worried why these people behave like this.

    Sexual Harassment cannot be tolerated and Spoiling a life cannot be forgiven. Whenever I read these types of information on newspapers it really hurts. I hate these types of people. Community which teaches Morale and unconditional love is the only solution to this types of tragedies.

    Do you think these two ghosts are actually one and the same? To be honest not able to guess it.

    Thanks for sharing and the video you embedded is very helpful.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. Well they could be Paul – that’s an angle which some people believe (the spirits being one and the same!). Really great to hear from you, and thanks for leaving your opinion with us! 

  4. Oh! This gave me chills while reading it! Definitely “goosebumpy” 🙂

    I actually love reading stories such as this, and it is very curious that there are 2 stories surrounding the events near that beach. I wonder also if it’s the same woman…  I’m having conflicting feelings about ever going to this beach – does my curiosity outweigh my fear?

    1. LOL I don’t know Shannon – that’ll have to be your decision at the end of the day! 

      But remember – ghosts can’t really hurt you…can they?

  5. A good ghost story, Chris. It put the wind up me! The two stories do sound very similar. Having taken her revenge, she could well be the troubled spirit being picked up on the way to Noraville. The isolation and the closeness of the two locations does make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

  6. Hey Chris,

    As a paranormal activity enthusiast and thrill seeker, I am always very excited to discover new paranormal stories, experiences and sightings. As far as the Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach goes, it is truly horrifying and captivating paranormal occurrence. The story of Jenn is very unfourtunate and sad, I feel so bad for her.. what a poor girl, it’s just so sad what happened to her… But at the end, she did get her revenge and that group of young men died which is honestly fascinating and scary at the same time when you think about what an insane power human’s spirit posses and what it is capable of doing during the life and after it. I am honestly very curious and would love to see and experience such paranormal sighting for myself, however it is very dangerous. The whole idea and concept of picking up a pretty woman, talking to her during the ride and then, after some time realizing that you are talking to yourself, is very psychological experience to say the least. It’s something beyond that human’s mind can understand. Thanks for such an awesome article, I really enjoyed it. I will bookmark this page and check out more of your content!

    1. It’s great to hear from you Evald, and it’s great to find out that you enjoyed the article so much! Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion with us. 

  7. Good afternoon Chris,

    I had not heard of the Jenny Dixon Beach Ghost. As I love all kind of unexplainable mysteries I continued reading anticipating an exciting story.

    Well, the story turned out to be a sad one. Those 5 young men ended in a bad way. I am not surprised as having a real bad conscious can play tricks on your brain and slowly but surely make you lose control over your life.

    You asked if the 2 ghost might be one and the same person. I do not think so as you said that part of the coast was dangerous and a lot of ships wrecked. There must be many unhappy souls who find it difficult to leave.

    The hitchhicking girl who has been seen for more than 40 years is also a sad case. Her feeling of revenge keeps her here. If she could  forgive then she might be able to move on.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi there Taetske!

      It’s great to hear your opinion on our article (sorry you found it so sad!). Look forward to chatting with you again some point in the future! 


    It is a beautifully written blog that portrays the life of Jenny Dixon, a young woman asking for help on the road was raped by a gang of five people who left her almost dead. In that terrible condition and disturbed mind set, she was helped by a different cyclist and ended up in the police station but died committing to take revenge but before giving any identification of the rapists. But she vowed to take the revenge. 

    The suspected rapists were killed within five months. Multiple encounters with this young lady by many travelers on the road have been reported to the police station. There were other accident that was relating to this as well.

    I believe in spirit hunting and for me this is real. It is the same beaten and tortured women is still around, sitting in the back seat of the car and disappearing.  

    It is lovely story of Australia and wish its large outreach.

    1. Hi Anusuya,

      That’s a wonderful comment – the nicest we’ve read today! Really glad you enjoyed what you read here, and thank you for taking the time to share your views with us.

  9. Good Morning Chris,

    I was at Norah Head ( Lighthouse car park) with a friend in 2002 when we were approached by a person with a weapon. I was think it was due to a business deal and I owed nothing . Both my friend and myself felt the presence of a spirit in my vehicle whom made us feel scared together with the person whom was approaching us. I never turned off the vehicle as I decided to quickly leave the area. The person in a white Hi Ace Van followed then gave up at Norah Head shops. Police were informed of the matter. We now think that a good spirit saved us and ushered us away very quickly.

    I used to feed ducks at a small park at Charmhaven (2005) that was close to the southern side of Wallarah Creek. I walked to the lake shore to feed the ducks when I noticed a small boy sitting on a concrete drain. I asked the boy if he would like some bread so he could feed the ducks and he replied by a head shake ,’No’. The boy was of Tongan background and had like new clothes and white gym shoes without a mark on them.

    I turned away from him to feed the ducks for about ‘6 ‘ seconds and I looked back to see that this boy had vanished. I walked about the area only to find no one there.
    I now am of the opinion that the boy was a ghost as no one could of even run away that quickly.

    I will leave any comments to you.


    San Remo

    1. Hey Gary – it seems as though you have a pretty cool link to certain paranormal elements/forces. Both these cases are extremely interesting, and happened fairly recently. Has anything like this happened since?

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