The Goatman of Kentucky – The Hybrid Beast


The Goatman of Kentucky

​I came across a cryptid report on The Goatman of Kentucky yesterday and I felt it was well worth exploring a little deeper in a post here. There were claims that it could be a relative of the New Orleans evil Cupacabra-like cryptid the Grunch. There also seems to be a mass of urban legends following this demonic creature’s existence…

There’s Nothing Like an Urban Legend

Urban legends seem to drive a lot of cryptozoology articles I come across and this is not always a good thing. In the case of The Goatman of Kentucky I find the urban legends sort of add to the mystery and the atmosphere of the demon creature – they give it that extra spice!

The first of these urban legends indicated that The Goatman has been known to hunt down young couples having ‘alone time’ in parked cars. Another legend has the creature blamed for instances of missing pets in various areas.

These urban legends are all pretty ‘Hollywood’ in taste so what about the ‘real’ truth behind the Goatman cryptid…

The Goatman of Kentucky

The Goatman is said to resemble a faun or satyr from ancient mythology. I tend to picture the faun character off The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe as a close resemblance.

The size of the creature seems to more often than not divide opinion. Some say it is a Hobbit-like 4 ft. whilst others claim it is a towering 10 ft. tall.

The Goatman of Kentucky is also known as the Pope Lick Goatman and he is normally sighted around a railroad trestle in eastern Jefferson County. Nobody seems to know why he is set in this area but his hauntings have occurred there since the late 1940’s.


A lot of witness reports claim that the creature has a lot of fur covering it’s torso and a goats head. Although it seems to be most famous for it’s Kentucky sightings it’s also been spotted in various other locations in America ( primarily the southeast – Virginia and North Carolina ).

The Jersey Devil seems to share the same characteristics as this strange creature but is a lot more famous in cryptozoology circles.

The Killer Goatman

In the summer of 1962 the Goatman legend took a bit of a turn towards the dark side when the creature was accused of murdering a party of 14 hikers in Maryland. Apparently this group got a little to close to it’s lair causing it to emerge and kill.

Twelve of the fourteen victims were said to have been children – the other two were the adult members in charge of the group. There were a handful of survivors ( apparently ) who claimed the beast just tore through the group with relative ease.

During this massacre they said the beast was wailing like the devil in macabre enjoyment. It’s worth noting that authorities in the area have no record of this attack ever taking place – another urban legend perhaps?

The Bible Belt

A lot of skeptics now believe that this goat-like creature was born through rumors coming from the Bible Belt in the area. The reports of devil like screams seem to indicate that it may be no more than simple religious fear.

The Demon Entity Known as Baphome
The Demon Entity Known as Baphome

The Goat creature’s Pan-like visage bears a striking resemblance to the demon entity known as Baphomet. This entity is one of the well known medieval demons that the Bible Belt takes VERY seriously indeed.

The Origins of The Goatman

There are many conflicting reports on the origins of this strange creature. Many members of the Bible Belt feel it was released when a satanic ritual went wrong in the area.

There are also claims that the Goatman is nothing more than an escaped mental patient who evolved out in the wilds of Maryland. This patient is said to be the property of a Doctor Stephen Fletcher experiment that failed miserably. Apparently Doctor Stephen Fletcher worked nearby at the U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory in Beltsville.

Apparently this patient was at one time Fletcher’s medical assistant but he was driven insane by a DNA experiment. The experiment involved him being injected with goat DNA that ( apparently ) turned him into this hideous mental patient.

If you have any views on the origins of The Goatman of Kentucky please feel free to leave them in the comment section below…

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