The Haunted Bride of The Thirteen Curves

The Haunted Bride of The Thirteen Curves

In this article we will be taking a look at the legend of The Thirteen Curves that originates from a road located 10 miles outside Syracuse, NY.

The road in question is known as Cedarvale Road and it runs between the towns of Onondaga and Marcellus

The Rural Road

Cedarvale Road is a lovely scenic road that passes through corn fields, local wooded areas and attractive old-fashioned farmhouses.

A section of the road tends to curve and twist rather violently – this is the part of the route that is known as the thirteen curves.

One side of this curved road section is scattered by a tight line of trees making a sort of roadside wall.

The opposite side of this wall of trees lies Onondaga Creek – a very dangerous area to drive!

Over the years there have been numerous automobile fatalities on this stretch involving passers-through and local residents.

The Newly Weds

The legend of the thirteen curves seems to start off in the early 1900’s when a newly wed couple were making their journey from Syracuse to Skaneateles.

They were apparently driving towards their honeymoon destination.

As night time approached they realized that they were lost and ended up on the rather dangerous Cedarvale Road.

They were obviously unaware at how dangerous this road was and their visibility was hampered by the lack of daylight.

They made it as far as the seventh curve of the thirteen before flying off the road into the deep Onondaga Creek.

They were both killed instantly in the crash.

The Haunted Bride

Ever since this tragic accident there have been numerous reports of the bride refusing to leave the area.

Many cars driving through the area have witnessed her apparition appearing in the back seat of their car.

A number of drivers have also spotted her floating her way through the dark woods in search of something she may never find.

She is always seen wearing a white wedding gown and carrying a lit lantern.

In some rather gruesome reports she has been spotted covered from head to toe in deep red blood.

On closer inspection witnesses have realized she is actually carrying the head of a male – best guess is that it’s her husband’s decapitated head!

Unfortunately, she does not seem to have returned in peace – she has frequently walked in front of passing cars causing them to swerve off the road in a dangerous manner.

Fact or Fiction

There are numerous versions out there on how this newly wed couple met their maker – the report I covered above seems the most popular (and accurate!).

Another version of this paranormal report has the couple actually breaking down on the dangerous road.

When the husband realized the car was in a mess he decided to hike to the nearby farmhouse.

His new wife, set in her wedding dress, decided to wait for him in the car.

When he returned about thirty minutes later he discovered the body of his wife torn to pieces and covered from head to toe in blood!

The incident is thought to have occurred about 70 years ago but there are no local records of the death of this young couple.

Nobody seems to know who they were or why their death was looked over?

The locals from this area are certain of the ghostly bride’s existence – are you?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today please leave them in the comment section below.

4 comments on “The Haunted Bride of The Thirteen Curves

  1. That was interesting. I want to visit that place, where exactly is it (did you mention that in your article?) It is really interesting that these instances prove that there is a possibility of ‘afterlife’ and we are not all alone – absolutely love reading stuff like this and you’ve got so many cool article subjects here!

    I enjoyed reading this entire thing and do they have any recent events that have happened there?

    1. Hi there Shrey,

      It’s located on a road located 10 miles outside Syracuse, New York (the US of A!). Are you based in America yourself?

      Apparently these sightings go on all the time Shrey – they are not just past reports!

      Thanks so much for the kind words about our site – we try our best to cover as many ‘geek’ subjects as possible…because we’re geeks ourselves!

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the article and your visit.

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