The Height 611 UFO Incident

The Height 611 UFO Incident

In this article we will be taking a look at the Height 611 UFO incident that apparently took place in Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, Soviet Union, on January the 29th, 1986…

The Incident

At around 8pm on the evening of January the 29th, more than twenty random eyewitnesses reported seeing a flying spherical object zoom across the snow-covered ground at speeds of excess of 15 meters per second.

Without warning, the object suddenly lost control and crashed on Limestone mountain, also known as height 611.

The UFO exploded on impact and burned for hours.

The Expeditionary Unit

On the 3rd of February the far Eastern branch of the research Committee on anomalous aerial phenomena of the Academy of Sciences arrived at the mountain to investigate the strange crash site.

They located a burnt out area which measured 2×2 meters, they also discovered a strange black film-like material in the vicinity.

The Expeditionary Unit

In all, approximately 70 g of lead, 5 g of mesh fragments, and 40 g of beads were discovered at the site.

The group took numerous photographs of the crash site using two different cameras; however, the film later developed as blank.

The Analysis

After the beads went through analysis it was determined that they were mostly composed of lead, silicon, and iron.

They also tested the soil, rocks, and burnt wood from the area which apparently contained a chemical composition similar to samples retrieved from the Tunguska event.

The Analysis

The mesh fragments were tested in strong acids and organic solvents – they survived prolonged periods of time in these high temperatures and did not dissolve.

One of the recovered mesh fragments contained a concentration of gold that was much higher than regular gold deposits in the region.

Further Incidents in the Area

In November 1987, numerous eye-witnesses reported seeing similar UFO vessels over the territory of Dalnegorsky, Kavalerovsky District, Olginsky, and Terneysky District of Primorsky Krai.

Interestingly, one of these UFOs was spotted above the Height 611, just hovering and shooting out a beam that illuminated the ground on the peak of the hill.

In 1989 several eye-witnesses also reported a UFO landing on the exact same crash spot of January the 29th, 1986.

The Height 611 UFO incident didn’t really become public knowledge until April the 3rd, 1995, when a ufology TV series in America finally covered the crash properly.

The director of this TV program managed to get permission to interview certain eye-witnesses and experts from the incident. He was told that Russian analysis of metal fragments from the crashed UFO suggests it is not man-made manufacture, but is from somewhere else…

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