The Hinterkaifeck Murders

The Hinterkaifeck Murders


In this article we will be looking at ​the Hinterkaifeck murders that took place in Munich, Germany in the 1920’s…

The Farm

The mysterious Hinterkaifeck murders took place at a farm that was situated about 70 miles north of Munich, Germany. During the 1920’s Hinterkaifeck farm was owned by Andreas Gruber and his family. There was nothing special about this farm or the family – they were respected residents in their community.

The first signs of unusual activity at the farm came in 1921 when the Gruber family’s maid suddenly left her post in a mad panic. She claimed that the farm was under attack from some sort of paranormal activity and refused to ever go back there.

In March 1922 Gruber himself started to take note of the demonic forces that seemed to be effecting his property. Andreas would tell neighbors that one day he found strange footsteps leading from the forest to the farmhouse, but, oddly, there were no footprints going back into the forest.

Soon after he went on to claim that he was constantly hearing footsteps above his head in the farm attic and keys were always going missing. Listeners didn’t take much note of this until the Gruber family disappeared on Friday, May the 21st.

The Mysterious Hinterkaifeck Murders

By April 4th, neighbors to the farm became really concerned about the whereabouts of the Gruber family. Nobody had seen them in the local towns or villages and they had not turned up to church for weeks.

They decided to form a small group and go down to the farm to see what was happening with the family. When they arrived there they were horrified to find the bodies of Andreas, his wife, their daughter, and one of the grandchildren in the barn.

They found the bodies stacked up in a pile like someone was building a strange and twisted tower out of the dead. The group of neighbors then entered the house where they came across the bodies of the new maid and the other grandchild.

The Investigation

The police opened up an investigation on the Hinterkaifeck murders and on April the 5th the autopsies took place. It was revealed that the corpses had all been gruesomely killed with a pickaxe.

The autopsies also revealed that the date of death was on March 31st!

The neighbors claimed this could not possibly be the date of their death as they had witnessed smoke coming from the farm’s chimney over the weekend. They had also took note of the cattle being fed and cared for every day. When they entered the house they found plates with recently eaten food on them in the kitchen area.

Did the culprits of the mysterious Hinterkaifeck murders remain in the farmhouse for days after they had slaughtered the family?


The police could find no answers to the Hinterkaifeck murders and decided to call upon the psychic ability to aid their investigations. They grouped up the skulls of the victims and had them sent to nearby psychic investigators in Germany. Unfortunately these investigators could not provide any additional information on what happened.

Many German books and movies have been based on the mysterious Hinterkaifeck murders and the incident still remains a popular unexplained mystery to this day.

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