The History of Poveglia Island

Located in the lagoons of Venice, Poveglia Island remains one of the most frightening island locations on the planet. In this article we will be taking a look at the history of Poveglia Island and the horrors behind it…

The Dark History

The darkness that surrounds the island started off in Roman times when it was used to house plague victims. The poor souls were basically dumped there so that they could have no further contact with the healthy population.

A few centuries later the Black Death opened it’s wings over Europe and once again the island became a haven for the sick or dying. Many of the unfortunates who died on the island were simply dumped into large death pits for burial.

As the plague tightened its grip, the population began to panic and those who showed the slightest sign of sickness were ripped from their homes and taken to the island of Poveglia to rot away in misery.

During the Black Death period it is estimated that the island witnessed well over 160,000 agonizing deaths.


A psychiatric hospital was constructed on the island in 1922 and it didn’t take long for the reports of paranormal activity to surface.

Many of the patients would complain about being tormented by ghostly plague victims and screams of agony throughout the night.

Unfortunately it’s hard to get people to listen to experiences when you are already considered mad by the hospital staff looking after you!

But things were about to get a lot worse for the mentally unstable inhabitants of this dark island – a resident doctor decided to try and make a name for himself…

Doctor Death

He set about experimenting on the mentally challenged in the nearby hospital bell tower. Lobotomies were performed on his unsuspecting patients using all manner of crude tools.

Legend has it that the horrific doctor himself became a target of the ghostly entities that haunted the island. They had enough of his twisted experiments and drove him into his own personal madness.

He decided to end it all by throwing himself from the bell tower where he performed the majority of his unspeakable experiments.

But the island was not willing to let him go so peacefully – the fall did not kill him.

A nurse who was working that night witnesses the whole event and later reported that he lay broken and screaming on the ground.

Before the nurse could get near him to help, a strange mist rose from the ground and enveloped his entire body. When the mist subsided – he was gone!

The Deserted Island

The twisted hospital eventually closed down and the Italian government owned the island for a short term and it passed through to various new tenants – but not for long!

A family recently sought to buy the island and build a holiday home but they only lasted one night on the island. They arrived back on the mainland the next morning, unwilling to speak about what had happened there.

Their young daughter needed 14 stitches to a deep gash on her face…

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