The Hope Diamond Curse

The Hope Diamond Curse

This article will be taking a look at one of the most spectacular gems in the world and the paranormal misfortune linked to it – the Hope Diamond curse…


It is thought that this 45 carat diamond was originally placed in the brow of an impressive Indian temple idol. A Hindu priest apparently gave into temptation one day and stole it.

He then faced a slow and agonizing death.

It then stayed hidden for a few years before being located in the Golconda mines by the Kistna River in southwest India. It then moved on into Europe in 1642 when a French merchant purchased it.

The French Royal Family

The unnamed French merchant eventually sold the impressive diamond to King Louis XIV for double what he paid for it.

Within weeks of handing the diamond over – he was mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs (not a nice way to go!).

hope diamond pictures

Those of you that have brushed up on their history, will know that Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette were eventually executed (beheaded) – another incident linked to the cursed diamond.

The diamond remained with the French royal family until it mysteriously disappeared in the French Revolution of 1792.

King George IV

The diamond seems to have disappeared from history for a number of years before good old King George IV got hold of it…

Unfortunately he then fell into enormous amounts of debt and had to sell the diamond, along with nearly all his other possessions, to get back out of it!

Death, Death & More Death…

The next notable owner of the diamond was Henry Thomas Hope, who bought it in 1839 (this is how the diamond got it’s name of ‘Hope’).

His ownership seemed to pass without incident but then the diamond passed through the hands of several owners.

hope diamond smithsonian museum

History tells us that these owners were victims of suicide, murder and bad luck in their general financial matters.

Relatives of these owners suffered from failed marriages, dead children, severe mental issues, addiction issues…the list goes on and on…

The Hope Diamond Curse

Numerous Eastern superstitions are linked to ‘large’ diamonds, most of them highlight bad luck attributed to their owners.

Many skeptics believe that the Hope Curse was put together by a savvy bunch of journalists in the 1800’s – they targeted sections of it’s history linked to unfortunate owners…to sell more newspapers.

At the end of the day, the timeline of every antique diamond out there will have some sort of tragedy linked to it – like most old possessions.

So what are your thoughts on this ‘cursed’ diamond?

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