The Hovering Ghosts – Aberystwyth Clarendon Hotel

The Hovering Ghosts - Aberystwyth Clarendon Hotel

It’s time now to look at a popular ghost sighting from my ‘neck of the woods’ in South Wales, UK…

I come across many incidents in my home country but up until this point I have failed to include any on this site. I suppose I was spoiled for choice really and didn’t know where to start!

I decided on the Hovering Ghosts of Aberystwyth Clarendon Hotel due to the fact it is a more romantic haunting compared to a lot of others out there.

It’s also a very interesting and unique haunting…

The Clarendon Hotel

Our story starts on July 23rd, 1971 when John Abbot and his wife decided to book a room at the hotel. They were passing through the area due to a trip and they originated from Shropshire, England.

That night Mrs Abbot was having terrible trouble getting to sleep and she just lay there listening to the breathing of her husband’s chest.

After a while she felt very irritated and decided upon some fresh air – maybe that would make her feel a little sleepy?

She opened the large window and stared out onto the dark Aberystwyth promenade. It was late at night but there was one other person still awake – a young lady leaning against the promenade railing looking out to the dark sea.

aberystwyth pier

She watched the young girl intently for several minutes before a young man came bounding down the street towards the solitary figure of the girl.

Something was wrong with this picture and Mrs Abbot could not quite put her finger on it. She started at the couple closely then to her horror realized what it was…

The couple were hovering about a foot off the ground!!!

She had automatically assumed they were standing in the promenade but this was far from the truth. She at once turned and woke her husband up in a blind panic.

John Abbot ran to the window and gasped with astonishment as he watched the young man finally reach the girl and hug her in a loving embrace.

Disappearing Into The Sea

Nobody knows who this young couple are exactly but there have been more than a few guesses. The Abbots witnessed them walk down the promenade steps onto the beach after their embrace.

From there they looked towards the incoming sea before walking into it and disappearing. Who were this couple and why do they finish their haunted set by walking into the sea?

There have been a number of reports since that incident in 1971 and they all claim that the promenade in front of the Aberystwyth Clarendon Hotel is in some way haunted.

Do you know of any paranormal experiences from the Aberystwyth area? Have you ever been to the Clarendon Hotel? If so we would love to hear from you – please leave your stories in the comment section below!

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