The Hunt For Amelia Earhart

The Hunt For Amelia Earhart

This article will be covering the hunt for Amelia Earhart, who in 1937, along with her navigator, disappeared while attempting to circumnavigate the globe by plane.

Numerous conspiracy theories have raised their head on this subject – were they victims of UFO abduction? Were they spies? Did they simply crash into the sea?

Let’s take a closer look…

Amelia Mary Earhart

Amelia Mary Earhart was born in a small town in Kansas on July the 24th, 1897. In relatively short lifetime (39 years) she set numerous aviation records, and was one of the first female pilots to achieve celebrity status all around the world.

She had a very independent personality for a female at that period in history, and is now regarded as a feminist icon.

amelia earhart conspiracy theories

Amelia’s biggest achievement took place in 1932 when she became the first woman to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic. The fame that followed this feat drove her on, and she began contemplating a circumnavigation of the world flight.

She initially tried to set off on this historic journey in March 1937, but the plane she was due to use was not up to standard, and had to be taken in for further repairs.

The Disappearance

Earhart and her co-pilot/navigator Fred Noonan finally got going on the 1st of June – they left Miami and spent the next four weeks completing stops in South America, Africa, India and Asia before arriving in New Guinea on the 29th.

They had a short break, before taking off once again on the 2nd of July – they were apparently heading for Howland Island.

amelia earhart disappearance theories

Not long after they took flight, the US Coast Guard vessel assigned at Howland Island started to receive messages from Earhart and her co-pilot. Apparently they could not locate the small stretch of island land…and they were running low on fuel.

Suddenly, all contact with them was lost.

Numerous high-profile searches took place…but the Lockheed Electra plane was never found. Earhart was declared legally dead in early 1939.

Conspiracy theorists didn’t like the explanations put forward by authorities…

Why didn’t Earhart make a final distress or mayday call?

Why couldn’t the authorities locate ANY sort of trace of the plane?

Amelia Earhart Conspiracies

Many conspiracy theorists still believe that the official crash and sink theory was nothing more than a cover-up…for something more sinister.

Certain ‘experts’ believe that Noonan could well have mixed up his calculations, and the pair of them lived out life on a similar deserted island, that they had crashed on.

There were also a few rumors that surfaced claiming that Earhart was a secret US spy who was working to gather evidence of Japanese activity in the Pacific.

Many inhabitants on the island named Saipan claimed that a white woman was imprisoned there by Japanese authorities in 1937 – could this have been Earhart?

The there’s the extraterrestrial link – were Earhart and her co-pilot/navigator Fred Noonan abducted by aliens?

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5 comments on “The Hunt For Amelia Earhart

  1. We have. Found a plane. On her flight path, and the three elements: Time Distance & Fuel — all match up. (link Moderated)

    1. Sorry Douglas, modern security on websites will not allow these types of links to be published. Could you maybe post the title of the book that contains your theories instead? (in this comment section!)

  2. I absolutely love thinking about and analyzing issues such as this. 

    Ameilia, the mystery that haunted the world for so many decades. 

    Is it true that she has been reported to have been captured by the Japanese? I have been waiting for so many years to hear what happened to this brave woman. Is there concrete evidence to back it up? 

    I had always imagined that her plane had simply crashed into the ocean or something like this. That poor woman. 

    I do look forward to hearing your response!


    1. Hi Russel, 

      I think the term ‘concrete evidence’ is important here. I have had A LOT of people contact me about this subject offering up their theories they believe are correct…but nobody has come forward with any sort of proof yet, I’m afraid. 

  3. I wonder what really happened to her.  I had heard of Amelia Earhart but I did not know that she had disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  There are so many therories, crashed on an island, captured by the japanese or abducted by aliens, who knows.  This is very interesting.  I wonder if anyone will ever truly know what happened to her, especially now after all these years.

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