The Indianapolis Poltergeist – Paranormal Hoax?

The Indianapolis Poltergeist Paranormal Hoax?

In this article we will be covering a poltergeist case that tends to split opinion – was the Indianapolis poltergeist case the real deal….or nothing more than a twisted paranormal hoax?

Let’s take a closer look…

2910 North Delaware Street

The case dates back to 1962 when three women from the same family, shared a home at 2910 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis.

The three female generations were led by the head of the household – Renate Beck, a divorcee.

She was joined by her teenage daughter, Linda, and her widowed, elderly mother.

It was a well known fact in the neighborhood that this female family unit did not get along with each other…at all.

Locals to the area would frequently hear shouting and screaming coming from the house, along with the smashing of various items…

But on the evening of March the 11th…the sound of smashing items seemed to intensify…

Poltergeist Activity

The first incident the women witnessed, was a coffee cup moving by itself and sliding behind a plant pot. They later claimed that it appeared to be ‘hiding’ behind the plant.

Within a hour, a large, loud bang came from the upstairs area of the house, resulting in the three family members running upstairs to find out the cause behind the noise.

They found that a crystal ornament had been thrown several feet from a shelf and smashed into pieces on the floor.

Poltergeist power

Feeling a little uneasy with their new ‘paranormal surroundings’ – the three women decided to stay the remainder of the night in a local hotel.


When they returned the following afternoon, everything was fine…for about three quarters of an hour…

Without warning, a terrifying smashing sound came from the kitchen. They then found their glasses and crockery being smashed to bits in front of them.

Poltergeist Activity

Whatever was behind the destruction, seemed to know that the women had entered the room – suddenly the china ware and utensils started flying at Renate.

The Investigation

Later that day, the women caved in and decided to call the police. Over the following couple of weeks, officers regularly visited the property to try to figure out what was smashing up the place.

They eventually suggested calling in a paranormal investigator, and the women took them up on this advice.

The investigator left the house convinced that it was haunted by a poltergeist – he even claimed that the spirit had tried to hurt him by launching objects at him.

Neighbors began to notice a series of bites and scratches appearing on the women of the house. When asked, they had no idea where the marks had come from.

A Hoax?

Eventually, the police made a chance visit to the property on North Delaware Street…and discovered Beck’s mother smashing plates against the living room wall.

She was arrested immediately.

During her trial, several people, including police officers, stood up and vouched for her – they had all seen paranormal activity at the house that this old woman could not have caused.

The judge finally agreed to drop the case if the old lady moved back to her native Germany, which she agreed to do.

As soon as she left…the poltergeist activity stopped.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

2 comments on “The Indianapolis Poltergeist – Paranormal Hoax?

  1. lol, funny you use these pics for this story; this is the kitchen of a youtuber Mellowb1rd who claims has poltergeist in his house; he’s always playing with his Ouija board and taunting it, it rips his kitchen apart .. is it real or is he a master .. but why would he want to destroy his own home? plates go flying, cups, cupboards open and the contents go flying.. I want to believe it’s real; but plenty of people think he’s a down right fraud. I don’t know; but anyone interested should check him out.. what do you think? He hasn’t uploaded anything new in over 1 yr, some of his videos are pretty old. He either gave up or got sick of being called a liar. I think he’s from London England.

    1. What image would that be? The third one down in the article?
      To be honest I have no idea where we got that one from – probably a simple Google Images search for the keyword “Poltergeist”! 🙂
      Never heard of this YouTuber but he seems worth a look….

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