The Jennifer Gibbons Death Mystery

The Jennifer Gibbons Death Mystery

This article will be taking a look at the Jennifer Gibbons death mystery – did she decide to die so that her twin sister, June, could live a normal life?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Twins

Jennifer Gibbons was born on the 11th of April, 1963, ten minutes after her twin sister, June, entered the world.

The twins were of West Indian descent, but they were brought up in Wales, and were unfortunately subjected to a youth of racial taunts off other children. The bullying got so bad at one point that the headmaster agreed to let the twins leave the school 30 minutes early – so that they could get home safely.

Both girls also suffered from severe speech impediments, and this made it extremely difficult for other people to understand them.

As they grew, they avoided everyone, including their immediate family, and only lived for one another – they become completely inseparable.

discomania jennifer gibbons

When they first started school, they realized that most people could not understand them when they spoke. This led to them creating their own language that only the two of them could understand.

Their parents were very worried about their daughters – they realized that they did not fit into the world and they realized they would not really communicate with any outsider. They began sending them to a long line of therapists.

When they turned 14 they were sent to separate boarding schools – this was a desperate attempt by their parents and the authorities to make them more normal, force them to interact with others.

Unfortunately this did not work – and both girls became catatonic and withdrew into themselves entirely.

Reaching Adulthood

The twins left school when they were 16 and went straight on unemployment benefits. They moved into a house together and locked themselves up from the outside world.

They wouldn’t even talk to their mother, who would frequently deliver food to them, and leave it on their front doorstep.

The twins decided on a career move – they were both going to become famous authors. They pooled together their benefits and started writing. June actually had a novel published which was titled Pepsi-Cola Addict.

Jennifer was not so lucky – her writing attempts were ignored by publishers.

At about the age of 17, the twins descended into a lifestyle of drink and drugs, and lost their virginity within a week of each other – to the same boy.

People began to notice that the twins were not always getting along. One instance reported Jennifer attempting to kill June by strangling her with a radio cord. Locals also insisted that another incident took place which involved June trying to drown her sister in a nearby river.

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The drug and alcohol problems eventually drove the girls into crime…and arson. They were arrested in October 1981 when they attempted to burn down a technical college not far from where they lived.

They escaped jail, but were sent to the Broadmoor, a maximum security hospital near London for the criminally insane. The experts at Broadmoor discovered that the twins had an extremely high IQ count – they were in fact geniuses.

Unfortunately, all of this IQ did not come with any form of social skills…

A Mysterious Death

The twins remained locked up in Broadmoor for 12 years, placed in different wards. At times they would viciously attack one another, and at times they would be lovingly wonderful with one another, using their private language.

Many onlookers at the time believed that the twins had a strange pact – they believed that the only way one of them could have a normal life, was if the other twin died. Their pact centered on the promise that if one of them died…the other would start to speak normally and try to fit in to society.

Employees at Broadmoor believe that Jennifer agreed to be the ‘sacrifice’ which would enable June to live out her life in a normal fashion.

Jennifer died suddenly of acute myocarditis, two hours after she had mysteriously fallen ill. Her autopsy revealed no traces of poison or drugs in her system.

Her death remains a mystery.

June eventually left Broadmoor and took on a normal life, at last accepted by the community. She still lives alone, but is extremely close to her parents.

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12 comments on “The Jennifer Gibbons Death Mystery

  1. Wow! What an interesting story. I was really shocked when you mentioned that they had really high IQs and were, in fact, geniuses. Sometimes being a genius can leave you vulnerable in other ways. 

    I also find it interesting how these girls created their own language. That doesn’t surprise me though. I have sisters who are twins, and it’s just like they communicate to each other differently. In fact, my husband always comments that if he’s asking one a question, the other will answer, even if it was a personal question about the first one. lol

    Anyway, this is a very intriguing story, and I want to go look up more information about these girls.

    1. Yeah they say there’s a fine line between being a genius and being a nutter Christina! 

      Twins do have a link that the rest of us don’t feel – I grew up with two through school and witnessed it on many an occasion.

  2. What a sad story, this world could be so cruel, a pity no one saw their potential until it was too late, the fact that they created their own way of communicating was a sign that no one noticed.  When will we learn that love conquers all. Thanks for providing the story; having lived and worked in the UK during the sixties, I perfectly understood the ugliness of prejudice period.

  3. what an interesting read. I find that god always gives us something but sometimes it is not completed. Look at the twins they are geniuses but do not have any social skills, and they invented their own language?! Sometimes it made me thing that they might be sane and we are insane, I like to think outside the box sometimes. So, the story took place in London, that’s why I haven’t hear of it before. I think Jennifer might be drugged by her twin sister since later in their lives they fight with each other a lot. 

    I think lol If i am right then I am a great detective lol that is something that will remain as a mystery I guess. Did anyone reopen the case? Now I wanna know who killed her or she killed herself!

    1. Hi Nuttanee, 

      I’m not sure about recent developments in the case, but I know there are a few books out there published on the subject (hope this helps!). 

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