The Jim Morrison Ghost Photo

The Jim Morrison Ghost Photo

This article will be taking a look at the famous Jim Morrison ghost photo that ended up in the archives of journalist Brett Meisner’s work. Is this a real image of the paranormal, or nothing more than a clever fake?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Jim Morrison Ghost Grave

Most people know of Jim Morrison due to his time as the famous front man to the musical group The Doors, but he was also considered to be a talented American poet.

He died in Paris in 1971 but no autopsy was carried out on his body. Many believe that he accidentally snorted heroin thinking it was a line of cocaine – resulting in a sudden overdose that ended his life.

He was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery and his grave remained unmarked for many years. There had been numerous headstones placed over his resting place but mad fans had either defaced them or stolen them completely.

The Jim Morrison Ghost Grave

In the end, Jim’s heartbroken father decided to commission a simple headstone for the grave – it simply reads ‘Against His Own Daemon’ in Greek language.

Journalist Brett Meisner decided to visit the now famous cemetery back in 1997. Once there he got a friend to snap a photograph of him with the famous singer’s headstone in the background.

Many years later, Meisner was shocked to notice that his friend had picked up something disturbing in the cemetery shot…

The Jim Morrison Ghost Picture

Several years after the shot was taken, Meisner was going through his photo archives when his assistant pointed something odd out in the Père Lachaise Cemetery image.

In the background, standing in the doorway of a crypt, is a semi transparent figure, with his arms held wide.

The Jim Morrison Ghost Picture
The Right Side of the Photo Contains the Zoomed-in Image

The ghostly figure seems to be looking down towards the ground area to it’s right. It’s arms are stretched out wide and you can clearly make out a rather loose fitting, white t-shirt.

It’s the pose that captures the imagination of most paranormal investigators – it’s a famous pose that Morrison made during a publicity photo shoot when he was alive (see image at the top of this article).

It’s a fascinating paranormal photograph but it certainly does have it’s skeptics – many people believe that this was a way for the run-of-the-mill journalist to get some publicity for his work over the years.

What do you think – is this famous Jim Morrison ghost photo based on fact or fiction?

Could this be the ghostly image of the famous rock singer?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

4 comments on “The Jim Morrison Ghost Photo

  1. I know photography can play tricks, as can those of us behind the camera. But some things just can’t be explained like this. Well it can to half a group but not a whole one. Opinions and all. Plus I’ve got a pic of an x-ray of Kurt Cobain I believe and swear there’s a face that I’ve only show my best friend so I don’t sound too insane, haha.

    But many pictures like this exist and they can’t all be “fake” “manipulated” etc.

  2. What ever happened to Brett and this picture? I’ve heard a lot of different stories through the years. I’m a huge Doors fan and don’t believe it’s real!

    1. What? Just because you’re a Doors fan you don’t believe the image is real? Google is your friend – check out who Brett Meisner is and the image he snapped. There is more out there on this particular story.

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