The Keith Reinhard Disappearance

The Keith Reinhard Disappearance

In this article we will be covering the really strange case of the Keith Reinhard disappearance. Two men, both suffering from a mid-life crisis, renting out the same retail space in Silver Plume, then disappearing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains only one year apart…

A Writer’s Trip

Keith Reinhard was in the middle of writing his new novel when he hit a brick wall – and decided that a change of scenery was needed to complete the work. He had a friend named Ted Parker who owned a business in Silver Plume, so he decided the quieter life would be a good fit for a working environment.

Eventually Keith scrapped the idea of a ‘working holiday’ and took a three-month sabbatical from writing to depart for Silver Plume – a hiking trip seemed like a good way to recharge his batteries.

Once he arrived he came across a café on Main Street which he decided to lease for the duration of his stay – from here he opted to sell antiques and matted photographs.

After a few days in the town, a local mentioned to Reinhard that the shop used to be owned by an outsider who had mysteriously disappeared in the area. Keith found this to be extremely interesting, and a good subject to write about, and he quickly became obsessed with the case.

The man who had disappeared was named Tom Young.

A Writer's Trip


The Return of Tom

On the 31st of July 1988, a group of hunters found the skeleton remains of Tom Young and his dog – both were discovered to have a gunshot wound to the head.

The police immediately put the whole incident down to suicide, but the locals were fully aware that Tom would never hurt his own dog – he loved him too much. In their opinion – something else had gone down here!

A Trip to the Mountains

Keith Reinhard decided to head into the mountains a week after the remains of Young and his dog were found. He closed the cafe and told the locals he was friendly with that he was about to go for a trip up Pendleton Mountain.

Eight o’ clock that evening and Keith had not returned – hiking through the Rockies at night is near enough impossible, and Keith Reinhard had not taken any proper hiking equipment with him.

The following day a rescue party arrived and an operation was launched. A week went by and there was no sign of Reinhard.

On the 12th of August 1989, tragedy hit the search party when a Cessna carrying two of the searchers crashed, killing one member. The search was then promptly called off.

A Trip to the Mountains

The Truth…

Locals, and friends of the two men that disappeared a year apart, are positive that there is more to this case than coincidence.

After his disappearance, a creepy discovery was found in Keith’s home – right next to his computer, a newspaper article about Tom Young laid open. The half written novel that was left on his PC contained a passage that read:

“Guy Gypsum changed into some hiking boots and donned a heavy flannel shirt. He understood it all now, and his motivations. Guy closed the door and then walked off towards the lush, shadow-less Colorado forests above.”

The Truth

Conspiracy theorists have come out with numerous different angles on the disappearance…

Did Reinhard want to disappear from his old life?

Was there an encounter with something ‘unworldly’ in the mountains, something that claimed the lives of both men?

Did Reinhard and Young discover something sinister about the shop they were renting in Silver Plume, and were eventually silenced?

It’s worth noting that there have been a handful of sightings attributed to Reinhard since his disappearance, but all of them have been dismissed by the authorities.

If you have any thoughts and opinions on the Keith Reinhard disappearance, please leave them in the comment section below.

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