The Kennedy Brain


The Kennedy Brain

​John F. Kennedy died on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Since this date there have been numerous claims of conspiracy and foul play. In this article we will be covering the rather morbid case of the Kennedy brain…


So we all know the date that Kennedy was killed – it’s about the only fact that we all agree on!

Fundamental questions on his death still linger long after the terrible event:

  • How many shooters were involved?
  • Why was the president’s car route changed at the last minute?
  • What were the true political beliefs of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald​?
  • Why was Oswald then taken out by Jack Ruby?

Most of us are now pretty sure that we do not have the whole picture and some sort of cover up must have taken place. ​

Over 76% of Americans believe that the public will never find out the whole truth behind the president’s demise. In 2013, 59% of respondents to a poll stated that they thought that Oswald was not the only assassin of JFK.

One of the strangest mysteries surrounding this dark event actually took place after the president’s autopsy…

Kennedy Brain Missing

In 1978 a special government organization published findings that stated that the deceased president’s brain had vanished.

Kennedy Brain MissingMost people were unaware that something this gruesome had been kept in storage considering the president had been shot through the head. Apparently, the remaining part of his brain was surgically removed during his autopsy.

Some eye witnesses at the hospital that day claim that Kennedy’s wife ( Jackie ) was seen in a state of shock holding this remaining piece of brain.

The brain remains were finally put into a metal box and stashed in the White House by the Secret Service. They remained there until 1965 when a report showed that Robert, the president’s brother, had the brain section put into the national archives – nobody knows why he chose to do this.

During a routine archive check twelve months later it was discovered that the Kennedy brain had indeed gone missing. Many archive workers were interrogated but not one of them had any sort of information – the remains had vanished into thin air!

The Truth?

Historian James L. Swanson recently published a book surrounding the Kennedy brain. His book claims that the president’s heartbroken brother did not want the public to know about his sibling’s addictions.

The brain remains were the only link remaining to the President’s poor health and related drug history. Swanson also thinks that the brain could well highlight the fact that Oswald was not the only shooter that day.

John F. Kennedy memorial, Runnymede

Did Robert Kennedy remove his brother’s brain to eliminate any growing conspiracy theories or was he merely trying to protect his beloved brother’s good name? Where is the presidents remaining brain tissue now? Was it eventually destroyed?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the topic we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

7 comments on “The Kennedy Brain

  1. Hi Chris,

    I guess there will always be theories adding on to whatever already exists, adding to the confusion and leading further away from the truth. But who knows what the truth is?

    At one point in the movie X-Men, was it a pun or was it an additional twist to the ever-mysterious case of President Kennedy’s death when Magneto said that “he was one of us?” citing that as the reason for his assassination.

    What do you think?

    1. LOL yeah I remember that line – great film 🙂
      It’s is true – the more theories that surface the more diluted the original truth becomes…

  2. Chris, it is still a marvel for me that after all this while we are being told that still the brain remains of John F. Kennedy cannot be found. Really this is mysterious. But if the President had addictions, hiding the brain won’t totally eliminate the rumor. I rather think this rather sparks the imagination of speculators to run the rumor mill. Or do we assume that the President’s brother was part of the assassins? I’d rather not believe so.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      Well I certainly don’t think his brother had anything to do with his death mate! It’s up in the air really – why would they even decide to keep that body part to begin with? Very gruesome in my opinion!

  3. it really does bother me having puzzles and mysteries that I have NO means or methods of solving and this mystery is one that drives me nuts. I’ve watched documentaries, movies, read articles and posts and I am still no wiser…I really do hope that this mystery gets solved once and for all.

  4. If it were your brother’s brain that you might have had placed in the National Archives while in a state of heavy grief, might you not later change your mind and have it buried? Some rumors out of Washington have given rise to that belief.

    As to this being part of a conspiracy, I doubt that. While there may or may not have been one, I don’t think this brain would be all that helpful. Try shooting at a bowl full of jello and see what sort of results you’re left with.

    1. All good points Jo…but we cannot control what becomes a conspiracy at the end of the day! When there are questions that remain unanswered the theorists will always be lying in wait…and we all love a conspiracy theorist right? 🙂

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