The Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings

The Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings

Okay, we’ve all heard about it at least a million times in our lifetime; someone saw the legendary Sasquatch A.K.A Bigfoot.

Science doesn’t exactly know what to call this “unclassified hominid” since no one has ever caught a living Bigfoot. Well, it’s perfectly understandable if some of the generated photos or shot videos are anything to go by.

The only human response to a face to face meeting with these guys (the sasquatch family…) is obviously scream – turn – and run in the opposite direction screaming.

That’s not the best tactic to use if we’re ever going to catch a Bigfoot of course.

The other reason is that these creatures have been described as shy and they like to keep their distance.

For instance, Kentucky Bigfoot sightings have been reported in areas with dense vegetation and rivers like Anderson County forest and the Kentucky River.


Definition for Overseas readers: A Sasquatch or Bigfoot is a bipedal creature that looks more like an overgrown ape but has never been scientifically documented. People have reported sightings of these creatures in different parts of the United States; some with photos and some with videos as evidence. Still, none of it has been verified.

Charlie Raymond

Back to our Bigfoot sightings in good old Kentucky… There are several groups over there that investigate “credible” reports and tips and some well known guys like Charlie Raymond who has been at it for years.

They have been busy documenting each and every new discovery including vandalized fences, foot prints, and actual eye witness sightings.

Funny that no one has ever come out with hard evidence like real Sasquatch fur, or poop, I mean, there’s bound to be a lot of poop lying around in the dense Anderson county forests?

More specifically, because we know that the “Bigfoot species” lives in groups, nobody is hunting them (or succeeded yet…) so they have to be in large numbers by now right?

Yet no one has ever accidentally stepped on Sasquatch poop on a hunting trip, ever!

All in all there have been more than 100 “credible” cases of Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky alone.

Random thought: If Bigfoot can manage to keep his environment “poop free” for all these years (leaving “zit” for us to discover… I mean totally nothing!), then it goes to prove that humans may not be the smartest species on our planet… just saying.


From Henry to Boone, Lawrence to Pike, Harlan to Trigg, Kentucky has a lot of these guys walking around judging by the rate they keep bumping into humans who they so much want to avoid according to studies.

One family once reported a bush that “walked away” in Warren County while a park ranger from Edmonton County reports seeing a big creature that he couldn’t identify on the animal chart.

In Bath County, a group of boys on a fishing trip is startled by what they described as a “big monkey man”.

A former police office in Wolfe County gets the fright of his life when he came face to face with Bigfoot.

In Holly Creek, back in 1965, Kennith White – a local farmer who happened to be digging under a rock discovered a 9ft skeleton of a creature that had long arms, and had slits where the nose and eyes are supposed to be instead what humans have, sockets/cavities.

He later re-buried his discovery at a different location and never thought to call the FBI.

Rodney of Wolfe County

Another credible story is told by Rodney of Wolfe County KY. Rodney was out camping at night with his friends about a mile from the Wildcat Trail.

Two more witnesses are also on record supporting this sighting however Rodney is also on record as never having seen the actual Bigfoot or the foot prints.

They just heard noises and thumping on trees plus they claim that the noises coming from these creatures creating the commotion in the bushes were neither bear nor canine.

One of the lead investigators from research team, Joy Clay, did the follow up on this particular case and filed the reports.

Reported Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings

There are so many Kentucky Bigfoot sightings that it would take a whole book to cover all the stories.

The question still remains whether the Bigfoot is real or just a myth. So far all we have are distant photos (some very blurry) and videos that don’t yet prove anything. Any thoughts?

6 comments on “The Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings

  1. Yes i agree Big foot is everywhere. There was one here or still is here close to where I live In Cobalt, Ontario. Crazy stories for sure but I keep on hearing them.

    I haven’t seen one yet but It would be cool too see one that’s for sure. Ever since I picked up on this local story years back I’ve been keeping an eye out. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky with a cell phone camera in hand…

    Great article – love site that cover this sort of thing!

    Thanks for sharing (going to bookmark this website and come back for more)

    Kay 🙂

    1. That’s really interesting Kay – I’ve not encountered any reports of a Bigfoot from the Cobalt, Ontario area…until today of course!

      Love it when this sort of thing happens – you’ve managed to give us a whole new article subject to get our teeth into.

      You never know – we might bump into each other if I decide to take a trip over there…

      Bigfoot Lives!!! 🙂

  2. Seen something last year right outside of Caneyville. I don’t know if it was a bigfoot but, it was about 7 or 8 feet tall brownish red fur and walked like a man.

  3. I didn’t realize this bigfoot thing was still around, I first heard about this years ago. I definitely don’t think its real, as you said there hasn’t been anything that is even close to being solid proof of its existence but I do think its a cool myth nonetheless.

    Maybe sometime in the future they’ll come out with something solid to backup the sightings – DNA or hair etc?

    Thanks for posting – love these sorts of articles!

    1. No problem Chris – I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the article! Have a look around the site and see if there’s any other articles that take your fancy! 

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