The King Tutankhamun Curse

The King Tutankhamun Curse

This article covers the famous archaeological find by Howard Carter and his team in 1922, and the strange deaths that followed the discovery. Was there really such a thing as the king Tutankhamun curse that managed to take the lives of people linked to the find?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Discovery

Archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter hit gold on the 4th of November, 1922, when he and his group uncovered a set of stairs that led to the tomb of 14th-century BC Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

It quickly became one of the most popular archaeological finds of all time, with media all over the globe covering it.

Many important artifacts were obtained during the excavation, giving historians new angles on ancient Egyptian history, literature, religion and art. These artifacts ended up touring the world in extremely popular museum shows.

Archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter

On the 26th of November, Carter was joined by his employer Lord Carnarvon and his daughter…they then finally managed to carefully breach into the main tomb.

The King Tutankhamun Curse

Shortly after they located the sarcophagus of the boy prince in the actual burial chamber…the curse hit the band of archaeologists…

Carnarvon was the first to go.

A rather large mosquito bite appeared on his face overnight, and the next morning he accidentally cut into it when he was shaving. This quickly resulted in blood poisoning…which killed him.

tutankhamun coffin

Noted Spiritualist and famous author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, suggested that some sort of supernatural ‘elements’ had been disturbed when the tomb was entered. He believed that these entities were created by the Pharaoh’s priests and left in the tomb to guard the king’s possessions.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s suggestions managed to take the idea of ‘the curse’ into overdrive – with an overzealous media and paranoid public creating all sorts of strange tales linked to it.

Ten deaths have been attributed to the king Tutankhamun curse but there are many skeptics out there. Most of them point to the fact that the main man himself, Howard Carter, lived for a decade after the discovery and eventually died of natural causes.

Modern science also points to the fact that these ancient tombs can contain all types of twisted and aged bacteria. If individuals with already weakened immune systems are exposed to these, they could well end up being fatal.

curse tutankhamun tomb

But there have been a number of paranormal incidents linked to the tomb in recent times. The most famous of these was when a British television crew set up in the tomb for a documentary.

They continually had problems with their equipment going haywire and a number of crew supposedly fell ill with mysterious diseases after arriving home.

What are your thoughts on this subject – do you believe that Howard Carter managed to disturb entities which in turn released an ancient curse?

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