The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

The Kongka La Pass UFO Base


Up there, near the Himalayas, lies a piece of land right in the middle of the Indo-China border where no one is allowed to set foot or even go near.


This land where Ladakh (on the Indian side) and Aksai Chin (on the Chinese side) meet is a popular site for UFO sightings and ET activity; and both bordering countries know about it.

In fact, both governments seem to be in some kind of agreement with the alien inhabitants who’ve made this their permanent spot on earth…to come and go as they please.

Have you heard of the Kongka La Pass UFO base?

The rumors are there, the photos and videos have been shared by several fortunate eye witnesses and the stories go on among the neighboring human inhabitants of this area as well as the rest of the world that is keen on ET activity.

What does Google Maps bring up when you search for the area?

Before 2006, anyone looking at this area from Google maps would be able to pick up structures that looked like an army base of some sorts.

Now, nothing!

Some of it is even all blacked out.

Google tried to explain it away as a glitch but we highly doubt that Google with all the financial and other resources at its disposal could suffer such technical faults for such a long time… I mean right?

Why the Indo-Chinese Mountainous Soda Plains?

This area is just suitable for extraterrestrials to comfortably live among us with minimal interference from humans or “normal” weather.

In addition to the thin aired snowcaps surrounding the area, there’s little to no rainfall thanks to the Himalayas blocking the monsoon winds that bring rain from the Indian side.

These harsh conditions might not be good for sustaining a meaningful human existence; but as for the aliens…who knows…?

Maybe it’s one of the reasons why they picked the spot.

A recent incident involving a group of Hindu priests heading for a pilgrimage up the mountains within the area says it all about the protection given to this “Indo-Chinese area 51” by both bordering countries.

The journey up Mount Kailash came to a sudden halt as the priests report seeing strange lights from the sky land in the protected area of Kangka La.


Kongka La Pass


Armed with valid permits to walk across both countries in their religious trips, they decided to check it out only to be stopped by the towering electric perimeter fence blocking out this entire area from the public.

The priests said that they were vehemently denied access…and get this…by border patrol police on 24/7 strict guard from both countries!

They were turned back and warned sternly not to try that ever again. The place is literally inaccessible to the entire world.

Even to the border police guarding the area. Nothing, even drones, have seen their way back once they go in… nothing!

The physical geography of the area can also be another reason why the aliens might have chose this particular region for an underground base.

I am no expert in anything “geographic” and believe me I wouldn’t define “tectonic plate” to save my own life…but from what I could gather in my research, explains it like this:

The crust there is almost twice in thickness and thus very ideal for a deep, stable, underground base.

The reason for this being…both the Indian and the Euresian plates have converged at this point with one plate over the other forming what is known as a “Convergent Plate Boundary”.

Evidence From the Locals…

Travel there now and ask any local living anywhere within 25 mile radius outside the Kongka La Pass UFO base enclosure and you will have the most amazing eye witness accounts of ET activity to last you a decade of excitement.

You might chance to see something while you’re out there too!

The locals will also tell you of their suspicions on a mutual agreement between the two countries and our alien vacationers…who actually have a permanent hangout joint right here under our noses!

The most notable true stories on record to-date include…

#1 The “Real Iron Giant” – Lahaul-Spiti

Five scientists on an expedition in the southern parts of Ladakh at a place called Himachal Pradesh captured what they could only explain as “a humanoid robot”.

The group of glaciologists and geologists which included their leader, Dr. Anil Kulkarni who is one of the leading scientists at the (ISRO – SPA) space center, swear that the giant robot walked for a while as they took photos and just shot straight upwards, disappearing into the open sky.

#2 Army Men Reports – Ladakh

These are just too many to separate one by one but a couple of men serving in the army around that area have reported seeing strange lights coming from all sorts of differently shaped crafts.

One group reported sending a drone after sighting one of the UFO’s but unfortunately their drone couldn’t keep up with the craft and it disappeared when the drone couldn’t go any higher.

And yet another group, armed with radar detectors and metal detectors could not believe their eyes once they caught sight of a craft hovering over the Pangong Lake but registered nothing on their equipment.

Translation, nothing they were looking at was from this Earth because all good detectors can at least get reading in the presence of metal…even the spectrum analyzer and radar units came up with nothing!

And it was just there…they could see it but couldn’t pick it with any of their equipment.

UFO Hide & Seek: Hiding in Plain Sight!

You might ask…just like so many of us keep asking: “Why can’t we pick up these alien crafts even with private satellites?”.

The answer is not simple but it lies in their advanced tech and how they use it to manipulate our earth’s gravity.

Apparently, there are certain points on the earth’s grid line that the aliens can use to penetrate our atmosphere and leave without us detecting them, even with our most sophisticated equipment.

We are literally at their mercy…woe unto us if they ever decide to attack!

What do you think an explosion from deep inside the earth would do to our planet…?

The most logical answer would probably be…what planet?

So what have you heard or what do you know about the Kongka La Pass UFO base? Care to share with us?


10 comments on “The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

  1. This is one wild article man. Just earlier today my buddy and I were talking about whether or not aliens lived on planed earth yet. This article sort of convinced me that they definitely do. You should do a follow up article on this area if it starts popping up on google again or if there is more siting.
    Anyways, I dig your stuff. Cheers!

    1. Hiya Chase,

      Great to hear that you dig our stuff here! We are looking at doing follow up articles for most of the work we publish – we are always monitoring! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    This is the first I’ve heard about a mystery UFO outside of the US. It’s so frustrating how the government finds this topic of UFO so sensitive that they keep any information out of the public. I personally don’t understand why. I’m not exactly one who gets into learning about UFOs but I do watch it from time to time when it’s documented. Interesting post…thanks for sharing.

    1. Well governments tend to think the public will break into a mass panic if they release anything ‘solid’ on UFO’s Rosa. I tend to agree with them to a point…but we all deserve to know the truth right?

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion here with us!

  3. Hey Chris,Good Job. Well, You said that they had Radar & metal detector and those equipments weren’t showing anything. Well, Don’t you think that it could be a case of stealth craft which is not unknown to us. & That’s why radar wasn’t showing anything.???!

    1. Could well have been a stealth vehicle Vijay – definitely one of the possible explanations! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject with us 🙂

  4. THis solar system has only one habitable place for humans, that is earth. There are hundreds or even more solar systems which may possess infinite habitable conditions suitable for other life forms, so I guess that there are other life forms which are far superior to us in thought process and technology. Who knows, the first form of life on earth also could have from another living dimension!!

  5. It is also believed by the Nazi’s, US Navy that there another alien underground base in the Unartica snow, whereby a circular hollow deep blue lake seen from by many Marines and air force pilots to have seen this circular opening from the sky while flyover this area n the unartic region. The Nazis tried to explore this underground base but failed, And so was the US navy who tried to get closer for exploration have also failed, There seem to be two alien bases on this planet. One in the Himalayas and the other in the Unartic I presume and believe that we humans are just prototypes of an experiment conducted by these aliens living among us, Remember the blood group Rh poisitve which suddenly popped up among humans in Europe from no where.

    1. I do remember that Blood group Elstan – I actually had an argument with a biochemist friend of mine just the other day about it! (turns out I was right – I always am!!!) 🙂

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