The La Llorona Folktale

The La Llorona Folktale

This article will be covering the famous Mexican paranormal report of ‘The Weeping Ghost By The River’ – also known as the La Llorona folktale. What drives this frightening entity and why does it choose to hunt down children?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Mexican Legend of La Llorona

In most versions of the Mexican legend of La Llorona, the female at the center of tale is known as ‘Maria’ – a young lady that stood out due to her blinding beauty.

She was from an extremely poor family, yet she was used to being the center of attention due to her good looks.

An extremely successful and wealthy man eventually turned up in Maria’s town and noticed her walking down the street. He was captured instantly – he had to have this wonderfully beautiful lady.

Suddenly, Maria started to receive very expensive gifts off this man – she was used to poverty, so these gifts really managed to get her attention.

This wealthy guy eventually won over Maria with his lavish lifestyle and the gifts he was supplying her. They eventually married and ended up having twin boys.

The rich man’s father was less than impressed with his son’s actions – he began pressuring his son to marry a woman of his own status.

He eventually took his father’s advice.

He never even said goodbye to Maria, she just woke up one morning to find a coldly written letter on the table. He was out of their life and he was never going to return.

The Grief-Filled La Llorona Myth

Maria was completely broken-hearted with her lover’s actions – she wanted him back, but she had no idea where he had gone. She tried her best to concentrate on raising the twins but the townsfolk made life very difficult for her.

Everyone knew what had happened to her and she was the center of gossip – she was now tainted and everyone was talking about her behind her back.

Many years later, Maria was making her way along a river road into town with her two sons. Without warning, a carriage pulled up next to her…and her lost love’s head popped out of the window!

Maria was over the moon…until she noticed the rich upper-class woman sitting next to her man.

He got out, and completely ignored Maria, instead talking to his twin sons. He told them that he was moving back into the area and they would have great times together. He then jumped back into the carriage, and carried on with his journey down the road – he didn’t look at Maria once.

Something finally snapped inside Maria – she had reached the point of no return and she could not take any more humiliation.

In a moment of madness, she grabbed her twin boys and threw them into the raging river. She then stood at the river bank in a strange grief-ridden trance…until she came around and realized what she had done!

She dived into the rough river waters to try and save her sons…all three of them drowned in the river that day.

The Grief-Filled La Llorona Myth

The La Llorona Ghost Story

Not long after this tragic incident, locals in the small town soon learned to fear the river, for after nightfall scary things had started to happen there.

There were numerous reports of the ghost of Maria creeping along the river bank – they started to refer to her as ‘La Llorona’ (the weeping woman).

She would always be crying out the same sentence – “My children! Where are my children!”

If you heard these haunting words, La Llorona would suddenly appear behind you and put her hand on your shoulder. When she realized that you were not one of her boys…her face would distort into a demonic mess and she would burst into rage.

The La Llorona Ghost Story

Adults were okay – they could just about manage to outrun the spirit of Maria…but children were a different story altogether.

They did not have the speed to get away from this entity, and Maria’s ghost would simply toss them into the river…and watch them drown.

The La Llorona Folktale

Over the next few years, La Llorona started appearing at other towns that were situated along the river bank. Her presence has been passed down through the generations and The Weeping Ghost By The River is feared to this day.

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