The Lady Ghost of The Dinorben Arms


The Lady Ghost of The Dinorben Arms

As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I am Welsh and I like to cover mysteries from my own country whenever possible.

In this article we will be looking at the case of the lady ghost of the Dinorben Arms in Bodfari, Denbighshire.

The Pub

The Dinorben Arms stands proudly on a site that was once occupied by a Roman villa. These types of historical sites often have a great deal of paranormal activity linked to them due to tragic events happening over the centuries.

This is certainly the case with the Dinorben Arms as several restless spirits are said to have appeared within the pub since the start of the twentieth century…

The Woman in Black

Out of all these spirits, one in particular seems to like the location more than others. There have been many reports indicating that a spectral woman in black haunts the location.

Both clients and workers at the pub have both crossed the path of this spectral lady so there is a rather detailed description of her physical characteristics: She has very long and very dark hair down her back and she is always seen in a sweeping black dress.

This dress is so elegant it is said to give the spectral lady a very regal and elegant look to her character.

For some reason this paranormal lady prefers the upper floors of the pub and stays away from the ground floor.

One of the more famous incidents with this lady involved a former employee named Owen who encountered her at the end of a long shift. He was busy cleaning up the second floor restaurant late one Friday night when he noticed the black lady out of the corner of his eye.

She was gliding around the kitchen area before suddenly entering the eating area. Without warning she traveled to a dimmed-out area of the restaurant and Owen lost sight of her – she had disappeared into thin air!

The Others

As I mentioned earlier, the woman in black is not the only ‘visitor’ to this strange old pub.

A small child and an adult man are often seen gliding the corridors and upper levels of the pub in the same way the black lady does. This has led to questions being asked about their relationship to this spectral lady.

Are they linked to the woman in black?

Did they all know one another when they were alive?

Were they a family unit?

If so, does the cause of the haunting originate in a family tragedy?

Whatever the reason for these three paranormal figures being in the pub – they are completely benevolent. None of the witnesses have ever reported anything sinister in the sightings and they often bring feelings of light with them instead of darkness.

There is a fourth ‘visitor’ that frequents the Dinorben Arms who is not as approachable as the others…

He is known as The Uncanny Watcher and he likes to follow clients around the building. His presence is said to be very dark and uncomfortable and once he latches onto you he will not let go until you leave the premises.

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