The Linda Cortile Abduction

The Linda Cortile Abduction

In this article we will be covering the Linda Cortile abduction case which many skeptics have labeled a hoax. Is there any truth behind her claims of Grey Alien abduction?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Manhattan Transfer Abduction Story

In UFO circles, Budd Elliot Hopkins was known as ‘The Father of the Abduction Movement’. He published three popular books that were linked directly to his personal research.

In April 1989, the 41-year-old Linda Cortile came across the second of Budd’s books, Intruders: The Incredible Visitations of Copley Woods.

She purchased it and spent the next couple of days engrossed in it’s contents.

But something really hit home as she digested the contents of the book – something felt familiar to her.

Thirteen years before reading Intruders, Linda had experienced a confusing appointment with her local doctor.

When he was performing a regular check up he came across a strange lump on her face not far from her nose – Linda had no idea what the cause behind this lump was.

The doctor told her not to worry – it was merely a condition that happens after surgery.

But Linda hadn’t gone through any surgery on her face, or any surgery in the past several years.

She eventually decided to contact Budd Hopkins directly in an attempt to find out what had really happened to her.


Around 3:00 am on November 30, 1989, Linda supposedly came in contact with several grey aliens.

She could only remember little snippets of information, but apparently she recalled a floating force lifting her out of her bedroom window and into a waiting UFO.

The Manhattan Transfer Abduction Story

Once on board the vessel she was placed in a medical room where she underwent ‘examinations’ by the alien visitors.

This was the point where her memories stopped – she decided she needed to go through a hypnotherapy session to unlock the remainder of the incident.

The Witnesses

After the hypnotherapy sessions, Hopkins received a strange letter from two men who had claimed to have witnessed Linda’s abduction.

They simply referred to themselves as Richard and Dan.

Initially, Hopkins was not convinced with this letter, so he had some background checks placed on the two men.

It turned out that they were both in the security sector – they worked full time as bodyguards.

On the night of the 30th of November, both men were in a car crossing the Brooklyn Bridge when they claimed to have witnessed Linda being ‘transported’ out of her bedroom window.

They then witnessed three alien beings floating after Linda’s body and following her into a UFO. This UFO then headed for the East River and disappeared underwater.

The Aftermath

The whole incident seemed to have a strange effect on the two bodyguards – their personalities changed and they began displaying psychotic behavior.

They were convinced that Linda was some sort of paranormal entity, and eventually ended up abducting her and interrogating her.

The Aftermath

But this interrogation was not enough – six months later ‘Dan’ decided to abduct Linda once again, this time he used violence in his interrogation.

Richard eventually managed to get Dan to stop, and returned Linda to her apartment.

A month later, Richard turned up once again at her door. He told Linda that Dan’s obsession with her had gotten so out of control, he had been committed to an asylum.

The Linda Cortile Abduction

Today, the Linda Cortile Case website claims that there are 23 witnesses of the Manhattan Transfer Abduction case on public record.

Skeptics believe that this case was just too good to be true.

Linda’s apartment was a stone’s throw away from the loading area of the New York Post. There were numerous workers covering that area throughout the night…yet not one of them witnessed a lady floating out of her window.

There have also been a few holes poked in the witness report from the two bodyguards – apparently they were transporting a VERY important official on the night of the incident.

Security personnel insist that the logistics of Richard and Dan were all wrong, if indeed they were transporting a political official.

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