The Moving Stones of Death Valley

The Moving Stones of Death Valley

Has the mystery of the moving stones of Death Valley finally been solved?

In this article we will be taking a look at sliding stones of Death Valley and the scientific explanation that NASA scientist, Ralph Lorenz, has offered the world…

The Crawling Rocks of Death Valley

Located in a remote area of California’s Death Valley National Park, the ‘sailing stones’ have managed to baffle experts for decades now.

These huge, heavy rocks seem to be able to move across a dried lake bed known as Racetrack Playa on their own accord…leaving a deep trail behind their journey.

Conspiracy theorists and ‘believers’ have come out with all types of explanations – alien mischief (or experiments!), mysterious magnetic fields, the occult or simply inventive pranksters!

Some of the trails suggest that the rocks have traveled as far as 820 feet (250 meters). Some tracks end up in a straight line whilst others veer off suddenly to the left or right…which further baffles researchers.

The Ralph Lorenz Experiment

Ralph Lorenz first got interested in the mystery of the sailing stones back in 2006 – at the time he was a NASA scientist investigating weather conditions on other planets.

A few years later he decided to create a kitchen model of the sailing stones situation using an ordinary Tupperware container.

The Crawling Rocks of Death Valley

He placed a small rock in the container and added about an inch of water – leaving the top of the rock popping out of the water. He then placed the container in the freezer for a few hours.

So he ended up with a rock frozen in a small amount of water. He then placed this ice-bound rock in another container containing sand and a small amount of (unfrozen) water.

He found that he could simply blow on the ice-bound rock and it would end up moving across the tiny layer of water. As it made it’s frozen journey – the rock would leave a trial behind it.

Not Convinced

But people love a mystery – which is a good thing, otherwise this site would get no visitors! 🙂

Suffice to say – many of them were not convinced by Lorenz’s findings (they don’t always want to hear the answers).

In 2013 researchers, Richard Norris and James Norris, placed stones equipped with GPS devices and time lapse cameras on the same stretch of land, then waited and watched…

Amazingly, this video still managed to bring out the skeptics of science (I love these guys!)…

“How do we know the rocks have not been manipulated?”

“They could have recorded alien tractor beams at work”

“Were they paid to do this?”

“NASA propaganda”

There are many other claims of foul play surrounding the researcher’s work!

Now it’s over to you – still a mystery or finally solved?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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    1. I’m inclined to agree with you on this one Fred – although I love to find a conspiracy/mystery in everything…common sense shines through here (just!)

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