The Mystery of The Lady of The Swamp

The Mystery of The Lady of The Swamp

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the disappearance of Margaret Clement, also known as The Lady of The Swamp. Was it murder? Was it an accident? Where is her body?

Let’s take a closer look…

Margaret Clement

Margaret Clement became part of a rich family at a young age when her father got VERY lucky investing in a gold mine. He was actually a caretaker of bulls and bought into the mine as a bit of a whim really…then the mine skyrocketed in value leaving him a rich man.

Her father died in 1890, and in 1907 Margaret and one of her sisters bought Tullaree (a large mansion that was surrounded by an area of swampland).

Margaret had a great young life travelling the world with her money, but all that changed in the 1920’s when she realised that the men in charge of her family’s money…were taking a large chunk for themselves. She quickly returned home to sort out what remained of the fortune.

Things were a lot worse than she realised, and she had to sell off certain areas of Tullaree to afford the incoming bills.


From Riches To Rags…

After Margaret’s sister died, in the early 1950’s, there was next to nothing left of the family fortune. She eventually had to sell the main house and live in a smaller abode on the estate with her dog ‘Dingo’.

On May the 22nd, 1952, the mystery began…

First of all her dog (Dingo) was murdered by having it’s throat slit…then Margaret vanished without a trace.

From Riches To Rags

The Vanishing

Did she somehow get lost in the swamps outside her home one night?

Did she get so depressed with poverty that she killed herself?

Most people tend to believe she was murdered, because of what happened to her dog two weeks before her disappearance.

Margaret was known to not go outside without her trusty walking stick, which was found inside her home. This indicated to locals that foul play had taken place. A local man ended up being suspected of her murder, but authorities couldn’t prosecute as there was no body and no real evidence on the case.

The newspapers in Australia created a frenzy regarding Margaret’s mysterious disappearance, it was them that came up with the title ‘Lady of The Swamp’.

In 1978 a set of bones were found in the swamp area around her home, but these bones ended up belonging to a aboriginal female.

What happened to Margaret Clement?

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4 comments on “The Mystery of The Lady of The Swamp

  1. Really interesting case! I actually hadn’t heard of this case before, even though I’m Australian. I got the heebady jeebadies reading the story though, and I definitely feel that foul play was involved.. not sure who, but I think it had something to do with her fortune being stolen, rather than a local man. I wonder if we’ll ever find out?

    1. Well it does seem like one of those cases that will always remain pretty ‘cold’ Josie. Time’s moved on now and there are still no real leads…

  2. I feel sorry for Margaret and wish her a peaceful death (oh, and also the dog). Is there any supernatural phenomenon occurred around her house? Is her case never brought again in these days? With modern technology nowadays, maybe police can try do dig deeper around her place. I hope someday the truth about Lady of the Swamp can be found.

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