The Mystery of The Patomskiy Crater

The Mystery of The Patomskiy Crater


In this article we will be taking a look at the strange feature Vadim Kolpakov discovered in South-Eastern Siberia, back in 1949 – The Patomskiy Crater. What caused this geologic mystery?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Crater

Geologist Vadim Kolpakov discovered the strange feature on the surface of the earth in the Bodaibo, Irkutsk, region of South-Eastern Siberia. It was approximately 150 meters wide and about 80 meters high.

The strange feature is encircled by trees and has a mound in it’s centre. It is made up of broken grey limestone.

It got it’s name from a nearby river that runs near it.



There are a number of popular conspiracy theories that are linked to this mysterious structure…

One of the most popular theories is that the crater was a secret Stalin-era uranium mine that was created by Gulag labor forces. Many ufologists believe that the structure was left over from an Ancient Alien race that used to govern the human race – that it was a special landing site for a huge and important UFO.

There are many other theories linked to the crater, but the Ancient Aliens angle seems to be the most discussed.

A lot of experts who believe in this theory claim that the strange shape of the structure was caused by a large ship embedding itself within it’s crater. But, radiation tests in the area seem to point to the fact that a UFO would have left much higher levels than what was found there.

Of course one could counter this by saying that this ‘alien vessel’ was landing in the area many centuries ago – surely the radiation levels would have diminished by now?


mysterious structure


Volcanic or Meteoric?

The two most reasonable theories linked to the structure is that it was formed by volcanic or meteoric conditions…the only problem is…scientists have found no evidence of either scenario on the slopes of the Siberian crater.

A lot of experts think that the crater has striking similarities to some of the meteor impact marks on the moon.


The Fire Eagle Nest

The Irkutsk region has an indigenous population called the Yakut…and these locals believe that there is some form of strong evil linked to the crater. They claim that large mammals to the location refuse to go into the area – and these animals have special senses that us humans do not.

One scientific theory behind this local legend is that the radiation in the area is being picked up by these larger animals, making them detour the area through natural instinct.

Another theory suggests that the ancient Yakut ancestors were near the crater when the radiation level was much higher, and probably saw a large death rate to it’s population. Over time, the legend was converted into oral tribal stories that became a part of the Yakut culture. In fact, the Yakut gave the crater the name – The Fire Eagle Nest.


The Fire Eagle Nest


The Mystery of The Patomskiy Crater

So, what are your thoughts on the mystery of the Patomskiy Crater?

Do you believe it is linked to Ancient Aliens, or do you believe there is a more natural, scientific reason behind it’s creation?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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