The New Jersey Devil Tree

The New Jersey Devil Tree

Everyone in the vicinity of Bernards Township seems to know a disturbing legend linked to the New Jersey Devil Tree. Standing peacefully in the middle of a large field off Mountain Road – is this tree really cursed?

The Devil’s Tree

Locals believe that the curse linked to the tree started when a farmer went mad, and killed his family. He then walked to the tree, and hung himself from one of the branches.

This was apparently the start of numerous suicides and murders that occurred in the same field the tree sits. If you attempt to cut down the tree, you will come to an untimely end.

Occult circles believe that the souls killed near the tree give it some sort of unnatural warmth, and it keeps craving more and more, and even in the dead of winter no snow will fall around it…

The KKK Link

At one point in history, Bernards Township was heavily influenced by the KKK, therefore it has seen it fair share of racial ‘lynching’.

The KKK Link

Local African-Americans would frequently be found hanging from the tree shortly after a large KKK demonstration or meeting.

It is thought that the evil energy the tree possesses was multiplied by the souls of these unfortunate victims – killed by this vile organization.

The Demon Inside

One report from a couple of teenagers points to a demon of sorts being inside the tree.

The pair decided to dare each other to climb the tree so they made the short journey to the large field. When they arrived there, they noticed a hangman’s noose drooping from the tree, so they decided to use it as a rope ladder.

As they climbed the tree they noticed huge scratch marks on the tree’s trunk – like some sort of animal had been sharpening it’s claws on the bark.

The Demon Inside

They eventually reached a adequate branch and rested, looking out across the field…but a strange growling noise started to build from inside the tree…

Without warning, one of the teenagers was thrown from the branch with an incredible force, landing meters away in the field, with an ankle broken in two places.

The Mark of the Devil

Another local group of teenagers decided to go for a late night drive to the tree for a couple of beers out in the wild. When they arrived, they all chilled out, drank a few, and basically messed about with the tree.

Nothing happened – the reports linked to the tree were obviously BS put together to scare young children…

They left the field and decided to go back into town to grab something to eat at Applebee’s. As they sat there, munching away, a girl named Melissa noticed two of her friend’s hands turning black in front of her eyes.

She then looked down and noticed her own hands turning slowly black.

It apparently took the group of teenagers over 2 hours to completely wash the strange black dye off their hands.

Mischief Night

A local young man known simply as Brian decided to scare his girlfriend and her mate one mischief night. He told them about a few creepy legends linked to the tree then drove them up to the field so they could see it for themselves.

Mischief Night by The Tree

Brian had visited the tree many times before, and he had a sort of ‘ritual’ he went through every time he got there – he would reach out and touch the tree to prove there was nothing paranormal going on with it.

On this occasion he went through the exact same ritual…to impress the girls, of course!

Only this time, when he touched the tree a bright bolt of lighting swept across the calm summer sky…and remained glued there until Brian removed his hand!

Brian thought it was the coolest thing he had ever experienced, but the girls were not so keen on the incident, and demanded to be driven back home to town immediately.

The New Jersey Devil Tree

Over the years there have also been reports of ‘The Children of the Tree’ screaming inside it’s trunk. Apparently they can be heard if you are brave enough to press your ear up to the bark.

There is also a strange stone known as the ‘Heat Rock’ in the same field as the tree – it sits meters away from the trunk and it is always warm to the touch.

Locals believe this rock to be a signal of the gateway to hell.

If you have any further experiences, or opinions on the Devil’s Tree, please leave them in the comment section below.

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