The Overtoun Bridge Dogs – The Thin Place


The Overtoun Bridge Dogs

I feel it’s only right to warn you in advance – ​I’m afraid this article may tug a little on the heartstrings of animal lovers!

The case of the Overtoun Bridge dogs always leaves me feeling a little sad on the inside but it’s a mystery that has dumbfounded experts since the 1950’s

Suicide Bridge

Most bridges harbor a few sinister tales about people leaping to their deaths when life becomes unbearable. But for some reason Overtoun Bridge harbors many tales of dogs that have leaped to their death.

The Overtoun Bridge is an arch bridge located near Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland which was built in 1859.

These strange canine suicide attempts started in the 1950’s and for some reason they seemed to only target the ‘longer nosed’ breeds like Collies. Dogs would be seen running along the bridge and then suddenly leaping off and falling the 50 foot drop.

In some cases witnesses claimed the dogs survived the drastic fall only to run back up to the bridge and try their luck again!

What makes this mystery even more baffling is the fact that the dogs always pick the same side of the bridge to jump from. They even manage to pick the exact same spot to leap from ( between the final two parapets on the right-hand side of the bridge ).

The Haunting

Many residents of the area believe that the Overtoun Bridge is haunted by some sort of demon.

This is largely down to the fact that in 1994 a deranged man flung his baby over the right hand side of the bridge because he thought it was the anti-Christ. The man returned to the bridge months later to attempt his own suicide.

Overtoun Bridge

Celtic beliefs indicate that the bridge might well be what is known as a ‘Thin Place’. A Celtic Thin Place is a spot where the dead zone meets our world and spirits are able to cross over.

Dogs are thought to be very sensitive to paranormal activity so these Thin Places may well cause them to act strangely.

A few years back an unnamed local psychic decided to walk the bridge with her trusty hound in an attempt to locate it’s strange power. She later admitted that she felt no energy on the bridge but her dog did frantically pull her towards the right side of the bridge.

The Rational Theory

But it’s not all demons and paranormal activity – some scientists believe the strange mystery is down to the Minks that live below the bridge.

They claim that the dogs can smell the Mink’s habitat and are keen to check out the area. They are so excited by the smell that they simply forget they are up on a bridge and leap to their deaths without thinking.

What are your thoughts on the Overtoun Bridge dogs? Please take the time to leave any responses in the comment section below.

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    1. Hi Michael, thanks for pitching in! We would love to hear more about where you found this info so we could include it in the article itself 🙂

  1. If the problem were the minks why are there accounts of some dogs jumping off and surviving only to run up and do it again? If they landed and survived the drop, I’d imagine the scent would be strongest at ground level, where the minks supposedly are. So why would the dog essentially run away all the way back to the top, just to jump off in an attempt to find the minks again? Extremely odd.

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