The Peter Bergmann Mystery

The Peter Bergmann Mystery

This article will be covering the Peter Bergmann mystery from 2009 – who was this stranger that arrived at the seaport town of Sligo, Ireland…and why was his body found in local waters just days later?

The Arrival

Peter’s story begins in Derry – where he is thought to have arrived in Ireland. Camera footage then shows him boarding a two hour bus journey to Sligo.

The elderly, gray-haired man is next picked up on CCTV cameras when he arrives at a Sligo center hotel. In this hotel he checks in under the name of ‘Peter Bergmann’ and keeps an extremely low profile.

He spent about half an hour taking note of every security camera in the hotel, he then went on to check out the CCTV setup in the center of Sligo.

The Arrival

The Following Three Days…

Over the next three days, hotel staff recall seeing this quiet man on numerous occasions – every time he seemed to be leaving the hotel grounds carrying a purple plastic bag.

He would then later return to the hotel without the purple bag.

Peter Bergmann and his purple bag

When authorities later checked these movements, they found that ‘Peter’ had managed to take routes through Sligo that were completely dark from CCTV – somehow he managed to evade being on outdoor cameras.

On the second day of his hotel stay, the man known as Peter Bergmann bought $0.82 worth of stamps and airmail stickers from a local post office. There was no evidence of him sending anything with these postal stickers.

On the third day, Peter hired a taxi to be taken to the quiet beach area of Rosses Point. The taxi driver later stated that Peter did not speak much at all – he simply scanned the beach area, seemed content, and got back in the cab to be returned to the hotel.

On his last day in Sligo, Bergmann checked out of the hotel and purchased a one-way ticket back to Rosses Point. He was carrying his trusty purple plastic bag and two suitcases.

The Following Three Days

Rosses Point

CCTV footage managed to pick up his movements in Rosses Point. When he arrived he went to a local cafe and bought a sandwich and coffee, he ate alone.

Local’s then witnessed Peter wading through the water’s edge on the beach – apparently his trousers were rolled up and he seemed to be in a world of his own.

The following morning, his body was found bobbing around in the sea by two joggers.

The Body

Investigations into the body revealed that all the labels had been cut off the clothes he was wearing.

Strangely, the autopsy concluded that there no evidence of salt water drowning, and no evidence of any sort of foul play.

However, the autopsy did reveal that Peter was suffering with advanced prostate cancer and his body was riddled with bone tumors. They also concluded that he had been through a number of heart attacks in his life.

The man named Peter Bergmann never really existed – his address, left at the hotel, was eventually traced back to a empty lot somewhere in Vienna, Austria.

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