The Plan – Paranormal Investigation Software

Product: The Plan – Ghost Hunting Computer Software

Subject: Paranormal Investigation Software

Product Creator: Dennis A. Batchelor

Website: (Click Here!)

Price: $19.95

Product Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The name ‘The Plan’ may not be the most exciting name for a piece of paranormal investigation software but it definitely has some interesting features.

Furthermore, its creator – a ghost hunter named Dennis A. Batchelor – claims that it is the #1 paranormal software of choice for ghost hunters around the world.

This is a strong claim that needs some great evidence to back it up.

Batchelor claims that this approach helped him to become the success that he is today and there is clearly plenty of potential within the software…

What is The Plan?

The Plan is a CD-rom that provides simple tools for amateur paranormal investigators. This ghost hunting computer software is designed to help users bring all of their data together so they never have to worry about losing reports.

It is all about case management. With The Plan, users can compile case notes, witness statements, photos, videos and all kinds of observational data to create an organised file where everything can be easily located and compared.

As a result, it should be easier for users to create compelling, detailed evidence and to communicate ideas.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

1) Simple Approach: Users can create reports and log data via simple, understandable forms and templates. These files have a detailed structure, but are easy enough to navigate that newcomers can get to grips with them pretty quickly. This is aided by the Auto Fill feature.

2) Multiple Users: An additional benefit with this system is the fact that more than one member of a team can add data to these files. This means that group efforts become more co-ordinated as users stay on the same page. There is also the ability to email all users at once.

3) Customization: Batchelor designed The Plan so that it could be easily customized to suit users’ tastes. This also means that businesses can add logos and cover letter designs to the files for personalization. This can be a great help when attracting new clients.

4) Security: The system is able to add password protection to reports. This means that sensitive information can be protected from other users until the creator is ready to make it public.

5) Support: The software is pretty easy to use, but there is still a “help” function that takes users to a dedicated support website. Here users can receive guidance on common issues and learn more about the features.

The Cons:

1) Professionalism: On the sales page, Batchelor asks the question “do you want to look professional?”. The problem is that the look of both the software and the support website is far from it. The software gives a user-friendly approach to data compilation, but it is not the best looking program.

2) Windows Only: Sorry but this software WILL NOT run on Macs!

Who is The Plan For?

There is a clear target market for this ghost hunting computer software – teams of keen, novice investigators that aren’t the most technically minded.

The problem highlighted above may not be too much of an issue to the more technophobic user that wants the most basic formats and doesn’t have the most modern devices.

The level of detail to the data that can be added and features like the customization mean that this a great tool for novice teams that want to take the business further.

The software should help to build cohesion within the team and improve credibility when trying to attract new cases.

Our Final Verdict on The Plan

There are some clear limitations in this paranormal studio software, but the look and user-friendly approach could be ideal for the right user.

The Plan is designed to be easy enough to use that all novice teams – and all members on that team – can compile all of the data they have with ease, but it only goes so far.

This program is an entry-level tool for ghost hunters that want a simple file management system that understands their requirements.

With The Plan, users should be able to compile case files on paranormal activity with greater depth and precision than ever before.

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