The Pollock Twins – Life After Death


In this article we will be covering the reincarnation case of the Pollock twins from Hexham, England. A strange tale that reinforces the idea of life after death and hope from tragedy.

Tragic Events

John and Florence Pollock led a normal family life raising their two daughters Jacqueline, 6, and Joanna, 11.

This perfect family picture was torn apart on 5th of May, 1957 when their two daughters and one of their friends ( Anthony Layden ) were tragically hit by a car. They were on their way to church when the driver lost control of his car and slid into the youngsters.

All three children were killed instantly on impact.

Hope From Despair

Both John and Florence were understandably destroyed by this tragic event but clung onto the hope that one day they would be blessed with another child.

Their prayers were answered a lot sooner than they imagined – a year later John found out that his wife was pregnant again.

Florence’s doctor informed them that she was only carrying one child but John disagreed with this and claimed she was carrying reincarnated twins.

This was a strange claim by John seeing that his Catholic religion stood firmly opposed to the concept of reincarnation – but this did not stop him from believing.

He was convinced that Florence would have twins and that the souls of Jacqueline and Joanna would be reborn.

The Pollock twins

Against all odds John’s prediction on twins turned out to be correct and on the 4th of October 1958, Gillian and Jennifer were born.

Gillian and Jennifer - The Pollock Twins
Gillian and Jennifer – The Pollock Twins

John noticed that the infant Jennifer had a strange white line across her forehead similar to her dead sister Jaqueline’s scar from a bike accident. When he checked the baby’s leg he also located a birthmark identical to Jaqueline’s birthmark.

When the twins reached the age of three months John and Florence decided to move to Whitley Bay. They did not return to Hexam until the twins were nearly four years old…

We’ve Been Here Before…

When the family drove through Hexam the twins started pointing out landmarks that they had never been to before. When they past the school that their dead sisters had attended they swore blind that it was ‘their school’ and they used to attend it.

The family started to dig out the old possessions of Jacqueline and Joanna for the girls to interact with. Amazingly, they were able to correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased twins had owned.

Their mother, Florence, started to notice the girls playing rather sinister games. One of these games involved Jennifer laying on the floor with her head on her sister, Gillian.

During the process of this game Gillian would calmly speak to Jennifer telling her that blood was coming out of her eyes because that is where the car struck her.

A month or two later the girls were sent into a state of hysterical frenzy as they were walked past a parked car with it’s engine ticking over. They were screaming at the top of their voices “The car! It’s coming to get us.”

Nothing But Memories

John and Florence have always stuck by the fact that they never mentioned anything about the twin’s dead siblings until they were much older.

When the girls reached the age of five their strange memories vanished almost overnight. They now live very normal lives.

Do you have any opinions on the Pollock twins? Do you believe this is a real case of reincarnation or nothing more than false hope by grieving parents? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m a bit of a zetetic, but there is more provocative evidence for reincarnation (not to be confused with transmigration of souls, in which the human dead return to earth as other life-forms) than there is for the existence of other types of so-called life after death.

    1. Thanks for your opinion on the matter Conway. Interesting viewpoint which we shall look into – would make a great article 🙂

        1. I don’t personally Catherine no, we published this article a while back now so our research is near enough lost in a million Word files (and it might not even be there!).
          Sorry we can’t help further.

  2. I know this will not be a very popular opinion, but I believe the parents made it all up. I’m sorry but it just isn’t possible. And at age 5 they miraculously stop all this and lead normal lives? Age 5 is about the time that when questioned by others, they could truthfully deny any such sighting or memory. THAT is why at age five the parents dropped the charade.

    1. That’s fine Jamie – we accept all opinions here! Thanks for stopping by and joining in with the discussion 🙂

    2. If you’ve ever watched the show “Ghost Inside My Child” where kids claim to be someone from a past life they usually have no more recollection of the person as they get older. I think this memory loss is on purpose so they won’t be confused about being someone else. One of the kids on that show described to a “T” who he was and how he was killed as a former soldier. When his mother researched the name he gave her the story was as if the boy had written it himself.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to leave these three comments/opinions Carli – very interesting stuff! When people decided to comment like this it really helps our articles evolve and more people end up reading them – great to have you here supporting our work! 🙂

      2. I love that show, just wish they’d make more episodes. Haven’t seen a new one in a couple years now. Some of them are more believable than others, but entertaining nevertheless. The episode you’re alluding to is one of my favorites.

    3. There are many stories of this kind that show very young children who remember details of a life before the current one that can not be explained by science or logic. Typically, we do not remember our lives before the age of five because we are designed to forget. Some people have better memories than others. Though this story might not do well to convince you to the contrary of your beliefs, you should read two books. The first is Many Mansions and the other is Old Souls. These books are compelling and they present details, facts, dates, and case studies that resemble this story. It could always be argued that there is some adult manipulation occurring, however, if you have children you know that there are times when they simply seem to know more than they should and they seem to have fears beyond their personal experiences. I believe we are designed to forget. It’s what helps us get on with THIS life rather than lingering in a past that inhibits our current spiritual growth. We are here to learn. Life is a school, and each life we live teaches us a fundamental truth that will stick with us as we pass through time. Where it ends, no one knows.

    4. I would believe the same, because all if us can remember our toys and some memories in age of four, as the modern nerouscience suggests that for any experience in our childhood period there is a nerve would build up.

    5. The younger you are the more intune you are in most cases. Doing and saying or even seeing things and “imagination” is high during those time. My belief

      1. Sorry Lora – there was a link in this comment that our security wouldn’t let through (I tried to get it past but it kept on rejecting – it’s a spam filter setup for the site that protects us!).

  3. It’s never too late to ask them or their kids about it. Does anyone know if they are still alive or had children of their own?

  4. I don’t think there is enough independent evidence in this instance to make a judgement one way or the other. The father obviously wanted this to be true while these girls (2nd set) were still in the womb.

    1. Thanks for your input ( Bo & Pat ).
      I’m unsure where the girls are now but a colleague of mine seems to think they are very much alive and well ( she hasn’t heard otherwise! ).
      Yes, it does seem like the father was suffering from immense grief and that should be taken into account.
      Thanks to both of you for stopping by and leaving your opinions 🙂

      1. They are very much alive and well….my stepdad is their brother!
        I say stepdad…he brought me up from being very Young and I call him dad…
        I know Jennifer has a child,not so sure on Gillian.
        The family were never close,even though there are 6 siblings!
        I’ve never known what to make of this tale…I would like to believe it’s true,but my dad was very sceptical so that sort of swayed my way of thinking!

        1. Well it’s great to have you here Joanne – thanks for clearing up that earlier question for us 🙂
          Would love to hear more about your knowledge on this subject if you have time!

      2. I know the family. The girls’ older brother, Keith, was in my class at St Cuthbert’s Grammar School and he told me about his sisters. He was sincere and I believe that what he told me was too complex for children, as young as his sisters were, to have made up or rehearsed. Nevertheless, I keep an open mind on the matter. They were about two years old when he related some of the stories. The family had a dairy shop in Jesmond Terrace, Whitley Bay. I don’t know when they moved away but the shop became a glazier’s. Keith will be 69 now and, I presume, still alive. The twins will be 58.

        1. Awesome – thanks for taking the time to include this on our article Tony! Did you have any further contact with the brother, Keith, after the pair of you left school?

  5. Though skeptical by nature and training, I have lived too long and experienced too much to be intimidated by improbability.

    Consider this:
    An unbiased evaluation of all scientifically observed phenomena in the universe points to the conclusion that the emergence of Earth’s biosphere and homo sapiens are among the most unlikely of all events in the 14 billion year history of the physical cosmos.

    There is no better proof that “inexplicable” does NOT equate to “impossible”. Nevertheless, it remains a persistent illusion among modern Western cultures and authorized versions of scientific perspective.

    That’s probably why we have so little appreciation for the Divine Sense of Humor.

  6. I believe it to be the culmination of grief and guilt… I’m sure the grief a parent feels on the sudden loss of a child is immeasurable, and conceiving again after only a year envoked immense guilt which the parents elevated by transferring memories and feelings into the new babies which would have manifested and self for a while but as with everything the passage of time enabled the healing process eventually allowing the family to move on..

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Interesting viewpoint on the subject! Can a culmination of grief and guilt really be that powerful? There’s another article within that idea 🙂
      Thanks for sharing.

  7. This article was pretty interesting, but it’s very hard to believe. This event was reported by the parents or someone close them? I’m not so sure about where this information comes from. This could all be made up. Besides, it looked like that the father, John, wanted his two daughters to be reincarnated again. As for the birthmark on the leg, that doesn’t really mean anything. My cousin and I, have a birthmark in the same place. She’s my father’s brother’s daughter. She’s not even my sibling. It was weird that we had it in the same place but it didn’t really signify anything. Just because Jaqueline and Jennifer have the same birthmark in the same exact place, doesnt mean that the two sisters were reincarnated. As for the scar on the forehead, it could be some injury the infant Jennifer received herself. From what I read on here, the father noticed that scar on her forehead when she was an “infant” Not when she came from her mother’s womb. What does he mean by infant? When she was a month or three months old? In that time, a baby could receive an injury itself. Or maybe that father wanted to believe that these twins were reincarnated from their sisters, so he made it look that way. You never know. Some people take it too far and maybe he loved his daughters too much. He may have wanted like some parents do, “shape their kids the way they want them to be” its hard to explain but maybe he was too obsessed and he made a cut there himself? You might ask why, he’s their father no parent would hurt their child. Well, in fact, some do. You’ve heard of child abuse and there were several cases such as a poor man killed his daughters wife and then himself. He could have done it himself. That scar. As for the “we been here” when they were four. Children are gullible. They’ll listen to you. I’ve bribed my little brother when he was four and told him to say certain things and do this and that. Just bribe them with candy or a toy. The parents probably told the children that this is what happened and you were here before and this happened. They probably told the twins to say this in front of people too. Some kids listen and believe their parents. Also, it’s strange how these parents never consulted a doctor. If this really happened, why didn’t they consult a doctor? Was it because they’d be exposed? Or maybe their desires of their reincarnated daughters stopped them. We don’t know. I say, there’s insufficient amount of evidence. And I can’t believe any of this.

    1. Some interesting points here Sara. Whilst we do not agree with all of them we thank you for your well thought out opinion. Please feel free to stop by and chip in again 🙂

        1. I just came across this story and believe it. Some say simple things like Deja Vu are links to a past life, then you have cases like this. I have memories of things and places I’ve never in my life had happen or been in contact with. Everyone will have their opinions and beliefs and it’s always interesting finding stories like this.

          Something random. At the age of 5 both girls stopped exhibiting this behaviour. At the age of death, one was 6 the other 11. This is probably from way out in left field but maybe it stopped at age 5 because that was the difference in age of the girls when they died so therefore the twins now were able to live life without anything happening.

          1. I quite like that angle Chrissy – the difference in age between the (original) girls. I never noticed that before!

  8. There are things in this world we may never fully understand. As an Atheist, I don’t believe in life after death but when my grandaughter started talking she would always talk about her “other” family. At first we all thought it was funny but then we started asking her what her other family was like and she started describing them. She called them her brown family. She described the house she lived in, people that were there, details about things she had never even seen or heard of. She would come to us crying and sad sometimes because she missed her mom. My daughter would say,” but I am right here” and she would say, “no, my other Mom, my brown Mom. It really started freaking us out a little so we stopped asking her details about them. Then when she was about 5 she just stopped talking about them. When she was about 7 we asked her if she still remembered her other brown family and she had no idea what we meant.

      1. When my youngest sister was little she would talk about her “grandfather”. Things they did, etc. She would talk about the train they had to ride and all sorts of strange things. She was also terrified of he sound the doors on a bus would make. The things she would talk about were things that would have been known to a child in a concentration cap in WWII. We are catholic and these were things coming from a 3 and 4 year old. It stopped when she was about 5 and she does not ever remember talking about them.

        1. That’s really interesting stuff Cindy – especially about the concentration camp. Did she used to go into details on the subject?

  9. From a Christian perspective- an easy answer. The sisters killed by the car accident had demons in them or around them, which then entered or influenced the father and new twin sisters. The markings on the one girl being identical to the first sister I cannot easily explain- but would guess also demon produced. At five years of age something happened to rid the girls of these demons and their influence on the girls.

    1. Interesting perspective Jim – I hadn’t thought about the occult side of things! Thanks for stopping by and joining in the conversation 🙂

    2. “From a Christian perspective”. Seriously? Please don’t insinuate that this is the conclusion all, or even many, Christians would draw from this.

  10. I’ve always found this topic an interesting one and I often discuss things like this with my friends. It can make you go crazy, lol.
    I think it’s highly possible.
    If you care to give them a chance, the book My Name is Memory by Anne Brashares talks about reincarnation and memory, over the course centuries.
    Also, the movie I, Origins is literally just like this case. It’s a really good movie, kind of long but I highly recommend it. It really gives you something to think about 😀
    I really enjoyed this article!!

    1. Hi Tia,
      I, Origins is a wonderful science fiction film – I caught it about three months back online! Thanks for bringing it up here and leaving your opinion on the subject. Really glad you enjoyed the article.

  11. My brothers one mentioned that a popular theory states that instincts are simply past experiences passed down from parent to child through genetics. This instance seems to reinforce that theory as, if in fact this DID occur, perhaps the new twins were given the memories of the old ones. I think, of course as I’m sure many others believe as well, that the truth might be stretched out a bit to add dramatic effect, but the theory might have gone from impossible in my mind to perhaps plausible as I keep hearing stories like these each time. Thanks for reading.

    1. I believe it may be possible that flashes of memory [especially if they are traumatic] can be passed between generations. Experiments with earthworms trained to navigate a maze
      and then chopped up and fed to other earthworms who can then navigate the maze straightaway demonstrate inherited memory. If this is so, reincarnation would play no role.

  12. I have not read every one of the other posts, so this may be repetitive. My problem with this is that it shares a single fact common to almost all supernatural stories and urban legends, which is that it’s second-hand information. When you hear “my cousin’s wife knew this guy who saw….” – then it’s time to get the bullshit boots. Wish you the best, though, and believe that all stories should be shared unless they harm someone else.

    1. Hi Steve!
      ‘it’s time to get the bullshit boots’ – a wonderful way of putting things lol. That’s cheered us up today 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. Feel free to visit us again!

  13. I believe we know more when we arrive on this earth than we understand, and that it’s taught out of us…we un-learn it. It’s interesting to me that so many stories end at age 5.

  14. Another possibility is that their sisters were communicating with them from “beyond”. It stopped at age 5 because they “learned” it was impossible. A previous poster mentioned what children “unlearn”. Is that because they’re told that they can’t know it?

  15. Hm, I’ve always felt that reincarnation is not impossible, and it seems like a fairly logical thing to me, but in a much more spiritual sense. The sense, if you like of “I am” continuing in different lifetimes.

    However, something doesn’t quite work for me in this case. It seems a bit -too- pat. I’m rather inclined to go with explanations others have given about guilt and grief transferring onto these children, especially since they were born only two years or so after Joanna and Jacqueline died so tragically. The birthmark doesn’t really mean anything, it’s quite possible for birthmarks to pop up between generations. The scar is interesting, but biologically, it again doesn’t make sense. The little girl gained that scar when she was two. The second little girl got hers “when she was an infant”. Something physically caused it. I would not say for sure that it was inflicted, but it’s a possibility that can’t be entirely discounted.

    I do think that in such a short time, it’s highly unlikely that all traces of Joanna and Jacqueline were erased. And it’s also very likely that the parents spoke about them in front of Gillian and Jennifer. They may not have been aware that the children were taking in so much, but I think it’s likely that the father’s very strong belief was communicated. The twins could easily have found drawings of the toys with the names, and even drawings of the school. At that age, they very easily could have absorbed and normalised the idea that they had been the older pair, and reinforced innocently reinforced what their parents desperately wanted to believe. It could easily become a cycle of the children innocently saying what their parents “rewarded” (with attention and emotion) them for, and the parents unconsciously encouraging it until the twins reached an age of having developed articulate personalities of their own. Fortunately, the parents don’t seem to have been pushing this idea, else the twins would not have been allowed to grow out of it so easily.

    Sorry for the long post!

    1. Hey Samaris!
      Don’t worry about the long post – we love interaction on the site!
      Some really good points you’ve highlighted there, thanks for leaving your opinion 🙂

  16. When one or two co-incident happen it will be well to stick it to re-incarnation theory… but the case of Dalai llama in Tibet, Shanti Devi in India and others is simply puzzling it seems that it has not happen to one place only.. this seems to have taken place everywhere.. even at remote places.. Hope to find a scientific explanation soon…

  17. I died once…I seen the beginning of the universe explode and expand. I seen the dinosaurs and earth change. I seen my future happen. Even seen me reading strange books and then reading them for real and knowing all about them and how they end.. I wish I had the mental energy to say more without sounding like a crank. Life never end’s. Thee only way I can explain this is that the universe,space time us are all interconnected and how everything makes sense when you die…all I can say is that we are all atom’s and that’s the Clue

    1. Hi Colin,
      This is a really interesting comment – we would love you to pop back and tell us a little more about what happened to you and what the experiences meant to you. Thanks so much for sharing this – fascinating 🙂

  18. I find it impossible to believe this story, for the same reasons Samaris already pointed out (and far better than I could have done, I might add). Chris, you reply that you welcome interaction. So…what’s your own position regarding all this?

    1. My position on this is no different than when we first penned the article several months ago – it was a mystery that we knew would get people talking! If I don’t sit on the fence with my views and/or keep an open mind this site would fail miserably. Thankfully it’s taken off like a rocket and we can hardly keep up with the traffic we get.
      The whole point of researching and publishing these articles is for people to engage with them – some will believe them whilst others will not, they have to be subjective as well as objective. As you can see by the comment count here – the article really does get people talking!

  19. I’m an open minded person but I also believe in evidence and science. We have no idea where this info came from and how many things have been added or taken away to make it a better story. Also, losing a child, let alone two, is very traumatic. I do believe guilt and grief is powerful enough for such a phenomenon. When the brain can’t cope with something it either splits or creates a whole different reality as a defense mechanism. The parents could have coached the children with out knowing they were coaching them or the parents saw what they wanted to see. Mental health issues are real. I agree with PP, why wasn’t there a doctor consult? Or even a priest/minister consult? It’s an interesting story but until more credible information/evidence is gathered, I have to go with the theory of grieving parents.

  20. I dont know, I do belive in life after death that we become another person.
    My mom said I use to talk about my other family all the time. I have no idea what she is talking about nor remember, but I do know I still get really creepy present dreams, from the past that I am in it.
    But the birthmark, as others said could be passed in. And the scar well she could of been born with it, or had an accident as an infant to gain the same scar in the Same spot. I wish they would of recorded the girls, and or wrote everything down and took pictures. So there was a lot more evidence to this.

    1. Hi Kimmy,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us – very interesting! I also feel the parents should of made more of an effort to record events. Unfortunately we do not have a whole lot to go on…

  21. All I can say is that anytime I ever read anything about these girls my eyes water and tear uncontrollably; It’s nonstop until I start doing something else. And I feel cold gusts of wind. My friends tell me that I have some weird connections because of the prementional dreams I have. Something about these girls is eerie to me.

  22. I came across this story somehow on Pinterest and it is absolutely fascinating. Im not sure how much of it I believe; as an earlier comment stated, it does seem too perfect.
    On the other hand; as far as reincarnation and past lives, spirits among us, angels, etc.. I think there are too many incidences and encounters with the unknown in the form of pictures, stories, and first hand encounters to completely discount their existence.
    My grandson who is two years old sees a photograph of my husband that passed away at the age of 35; long before my grandson was born and somehow knows to call him Paw Paw? My daughter says she hears him playing with and talking to someone all the time in his playroom when they are the only two in the house.
    I think young children have an ability to interact with deceased loved ones that visit and they lose that ability as they grow up.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I also believe that young children ( and animals ) have a link that we as adults do not have! Thanks for reading and leaving your opinion 🙂
      Comments like this do a great job of helping our article evolve further!

      1. I know so. My twins were playing and talking so much. I went into their room, they were about 3 yrs old, and asked who they were talking to. They told me ****.. I said who? They said ****. It was the name of my deceased ex-spouse who was not their father. They told me he wanted to play with them. I was stunned and never mentioned it to them. That was 18 yrs ago!! Good thing it didn’t scare me or I would’ve scared them!! It was creepy though.

  23. I’m from Sri Lanka and I have lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for about four years. In my religion these kind of things are well explained. It is not actually transfer of souls from one life to another life. What is meant by living is continuous change of the state of the mind and matter (although we feel like there is something permanent). At one’s last moment, the mind (which is a form of energy) and matter get separated. But that energy get combined with an appropriate matter somewhere else depending on the last state of the mind (it can be a womb of a human, animals or many many other forms even in a different dimension). A new life begins with the formation of a bond between the matter and energy which we call as a new life. If there is a strong mind at the last moment (like in this case where it was a sudden death), some of the last memories will have an impact on the new life. But, don’t get me wrong, this is not a soul going from one place to another. This will keep on happening unless we meditate and realize this phenomena.

    1. Hi Janaka,
      This is a very interesting response – thanks for stopping by and leaving it! Does your religion have a title/name for this occurrence/topic?
      It sounds like a very interesting process we would love to cover more here 🙂

  24. The popular term is reincarnation or rebirth. However, this term is misinterpreted giving the meaning that someone’s soul travel from one location to another after death. But according to what I know it is like lighting a candle from another candle. Is it the same flame that goes to the next candle? no. But, is it a different flame? again the answer is no. So, it is sort of a new flame, which is caused by the old flame. The life also passes like that. The new life is caused by the previous life. The only difference is this life has to end before igniting another life.

  25. I had a college classmate who said her granny told them she was coming back after she died. They used to laugh at her. Years later when her sister had a baby girl they didn’t think anything of their blessing. However, as she became older and started talking she sounded and looked just like their grandmother. She said they couldn’t believe it. Not sure whatever happened to the little girl as she got older.

  26. Thanks for posting this. My neighbor said her young son remembered a past life but also stopped talking about it or remembering it as he got a bit older. I now understand what she meant.

  27. i believe this is possible people just don’t want believe in this story because it simply don’t make sense how could the kids have known the places the dead children visited or school you went to have you ever been to a place that you have never been to before and realised I been here before it sends shivers down your spine but its happened to most of us in life

  28. I strongly believe that this is all made up by the parents…its like they were telling them stories,like brainwash or something…and the age of 5 when all sudenly stopped is very convenient..

  29. Pollock lineage is an interesting one full of actual clairvoyants. If they are Pollocks from Scotland. Yes reincarnation exists.

  30. I hope no body minds but I used this article and many of the comments in order to produce a synoptic exam! if anyone has a problem just tell me and I can edit them out

  31. “Amazingly, they were able to correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased twins had owned.”
    I thought the children who died were aged 6 & 11.
    Otherwise, I do believe this could happen, although when my son was born exactly 9 months after my sister’s son, he had the exact same birthmark in the exact same spot. They both weighed the same and all their measurements were the same too.
    I do believe in life after death and in reincarnation, I myself have dreams of a previous life.

    1. Okay, you thought the children who died were 6 and 11…what does this have to do with the names of the teddy bears? Sorry we’re completely confused by your question!

    2. Chris, I think that what sue said is in the article you wrote “The family started to dig out the old possessions of Jacqueline and Joanna for the girls to interact with. Amazingly, they were able to correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased twins had owned.” the twins were not deceased but the older sisters were.

  32. Hi there,

    Great article but just a little thing I noticed! You wrote “the driver lost control of his car” but the driver was actually a woman named Marjorie Winn and she was committed to a psychiatric hospital because investigators ruled her actions deliberate!

    1. We’ll have to look further into that claim as we’ve encountered conflicting facts – thanks for bringing it to our attention though, and if we find enough evidence we will include it in the article!

  33. Within the Buddhist and Hindu tradition, re-incarnation is considered as normal as breathing…. Even the bible in a series of passages John the Baptist was described as the reincarnation of Elijah.

    It is believed one can access past lives through hypnosis, some belief healing aspects of previous lives can greatly affect this life time.

    But all of that said, weather these girls was the actual re-incarnations of the deceased, one will not know for sure…. But i would consider it possible.

    1. Thanks for including this…mate? I wish I had your name to address you properly! Anyway – thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  34. I would like to believe in this story. I’ve heard of a lot of similar stories, but ultimately there are no firm conclusions to be drawn. First-hand experience with these stories is very rare. Even if you’ve directly experienced an event of this nature, that doesn’t make it real for anyone but you. Humans see what they want to see, and that perception may very well have no scientific grounding. Science and spirituality will often conflict, and there are no right answers. Anyone who has firmly taken a stance on these types of issues has simply chosen to stop thinking about unanswerable questions. For me, I choose to believe in reincarnation or some type of life after death because the thought of nothing after this “existence” is incredibly depressing. I guess we will all find an answer to this question some day.

  35. When my oldest daughter was about 3 we were stuck in city traffic when I quipped that there must have been a car accident. she had been quietly staring out the window in her car seat, but perked right up at this and said “like what happened to me?!” I turned around and started to ask her what she meant when she stopped me and said ” It’s ok mommy, it was before you were my mom”. she doesn’t remember ever saying this now at 10, and has never mentioned anything else since that day. We don’t have answers. We won’t have the answers until death happens to us. and then its too late anyway! lol

    1. It seems to happen a lot, doesn’t it Laura? In nearly every case the child seems to forget when they reach a certain milestone in age…

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us! 🙂

  36. Here’s a theory I’ve yet to really see talked about. Rightfully so it is one that is impossible to ever verify, however it’s my belief that it makes sense in not just this case, but in many others.

    Perhaps we should stop viewing life as a finite event. Perhaps life is a continuous entity that never ceases. Similar to the principals of energy, just to make it more comprehensible I will identify “human energy” as souls.

    Souls (energy) cannot be destroyed, or created. Basic physics right? (Now to the naysayers, mind you yes we can generate energy, we can turn off lights, but as current knowledge exists, this is fact (in terms of energy as we know it)

    So if we expand our thought processes and shake our perceptions to think souls aren’t a fabricated existence of spirituality but the essence of humanity, consciousness, and a real measurable thing (albeit something we do not yet comprehend or know how to measure) we are able to perceive that souls as well cannot be created or destroyed.

    *quick hiatus I understand the counter point will be if the population continues to grow, how can this be possible? Again, shake your foundations and let loose of those notions, as physical beings become extinct, as species disappear, their souls too must be transferred into new vessels — this is how you can explain the population growth and how with growing populations we gradually eradicate nature and life that exists around us*

    What if all of us, each and everyone, all have a soul that has came from some other entity or living being that has perished before us? This would be a mass blanket to cover all “reincarnation”. I put quotations because to reincarnate we must die, however im hypothesizing that we never truly die, we just seek new vessels. Similar to a hermit crab, a lobster..etc

    How would we explain the memory loss? How would that ever make sense?

    Perhaps continuing and building on this theory, the natural order of your soul is to hold onto its essence but forget its vessel. But why? Think about your life, your life choices, now think how they would differ if you were aware that irrelevant of your choices, actions, and life would differ if you knew “death” was never permanent, if you knew “death” was just temporary. Would you continue to try and help others? Would you be a good person? Would you bid for power? Would you just terminate your vessel each time the random draw didnt favor you? Perhaps thats the key, if everyone knew, when they didnt like their lives, they would cast of their shell and find a new vessel. Perhaps there is a minimum time frame, perhaps only so many can happen at a time.

    I know this is simple conjecture and just the ramblings of a tired man, however its a philosophy I’ve held onto since I was a child. This theory of mine really goes on and on and on, it explains why older civilzations were able to achieve technological advancements, it would explain why some mortals were perceived as deities maybe they held onto their sacred knowledge, it would explain the irreverent respect for all living things even plants, animals, and the water. It would explain why when other races (spanish vs native americans, english vs vikings..etc) encounter eachother peace was sought by one faction and war by the other. Most of the people were no stranger to war, so why would they be so naive to assume no threat was posed?

    Anyhow, long story short — I cant use any science or facts to base my claims on, but i feel the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Just think, it could even explain evolution as a manner to try and extend these souls, or in some cases, purge many at a time.

    1. Wow thanks for this Randall – I have to say that this is probably the best comment we have received on this site for quite a few weeks now! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with ourselves and the readers here – you’ve covered many (very) interesting points there.

  37. I think that this is a very interesting and creepy story that has no explanation and I was wondering where you got the information from.

    1. It’s a famous report Millie. We had to weed out all the mad conspiracy theories linked to it but we still ended up with a decent article…(we hope!) 🙂

    1. No idea mate, I wouldn’t have thought they’d leave much of a trail behind them after their childhood…They probably just want a peaceful life now?

  38. All right , here I go

    The two susters really WERE reincarnated , as far as the facts go .
    The marks were real, the incidences were real, and so were many other things , which I can’t disclose

    But ,if I could just get a contact , anyone ,I WILL find out whatever the heck happened, and I will prove that it is NOT REAL
    But that’s what I believe
    But as sad as I am to say this, so far, it seems posible, considering everything I have researched and investigated

    1. Okay, first off – why can’t you disclose these ‘other things’. Secondly, I’m struggling to figure out if you believe the family or not (you seem to sway both ways in the comment?). Could you be more specific maybe?

  39. I’m only 12, and take interest into stuff like this. What if the dead sisters were living with the parents, then the mom was pregnant. And they thought this was their chance of another life, so they took over the poor babies twins life, maybe they were trying for a 2nd chance, maybe vengeance. It’s a poor opinion, I know, but think about it, it could be all true. And it stopped before the age 6, Joanne’s age.

    1. Hi Maralin – there are no such things as poor opinions here! 🙂

      That’s an interesting angle to look at it from – thanks for sharing with us (and we look forward to hearing more from you!)

  40. Hi, I just stumbled upon your website while trying to know more about the Pollock twins after watching a youtube video. This is an amazing article.
    However, do you own a youtube channel? The video I saw spoke word to word from this article. Just want to give you an insight of plagarization since I didn’t find any links to that youtube channel on your website.

    1. Ah it’s happened again has it Gauri? That’s the problem with having a successful website – the world helps itself to your content. Thanks for alerting us to this – I think we’ll have to look into this further as the uploader is probably making money out of the video.

      (No we don’t own a YouTube Channel for this site).

  41. I’m really having a good time going through every comment, I find this highly interesting and I a big part of me wants to believe that everything is true, spice up life a little bit.

    First time I saw this page, but definitely adding it to my favourites! Keep it up 🙂

      1. I really love this it has me wanted to read more an the parents of the girls WAS HURT BUT I HOPE THEY FEEL BETTER MY PRAYS GO OUT THEM AND THEIR FAMILY

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