The Pollock Twins – Life After Death

In this article we will be covering the reincarnation case of the Pollock twins from HexhamEngland. A strange tale that reinforces the idea of life after death and hope from tragedy.

Tragic Events

John and Florence Pollock led a normal family life raising their two daughters Jacqueline, 6, and Joanna, 11.

This perfect family picture was torn apart on 5th of May, 1957 when their two daughters and one of their friends ( Anthony Layden ) were tragically hit by a car. They were on their way to church when the driver lost control of his car and slid into the youngsters.

All three children were killed instantly on impact.

Hope From Despair

Both John and Florence were understandably destroyed by this tragic event but clung onto the hope that one day they would be blessed with another child.

Their prayers were answered a lot sooner than they imagined – a year later John found out that his wife was pregnant again.

Florence’s doctor informed them that she was only carrying one child but John disagreed with this and claimed she was carrying reincarnated twins.

This was a strange claim by John seeing that his Catholic religion stood firmly opposed to the concept of reincarnation – but this did not stop him from believing.

He was convinced that Florence would have twins and that the souls of Jacqueline and Joanna would be reborn.

The Pollock twins

Against all odds John’s prediction on twins turned out to be correct and on the 4th of October 1958Gillian and Jennifer were born.

John noticed that the infant Jennifer had a strange white line across her forehead similar to her dead sister Jaqueline’s scar from a bike accident. When he checked the baby’s leg he also located a birthmark identical to Jaqueline’s birthmark.

When the twins reached the age of three months John and Florence decided to move to Whitley Bay. They did not return to Hexam until the twins were nearly four years old…

We’ve Been Here Before…

When the family drove through Hexam the twins started pointing out landmarks that they had never been to before. When they past the school that their dead sisters had attended they swore blind that it was ‘their school’ and they used to attend it.

The family started to dig out the old possessions of Jacqueline and Joanna for the girls to interact with. Amazingly, they were able to correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased twins had owned.

Their mother, Florence, started to notice the girls playing rather sinister games. One of these games involved Jennifer laying on the floor with her head on her sister, Gillian.

During the process of this game Gillian would calmly speak to Jennifer telling her that blood was coming out of her eyes because that is where the car struck her.

A month or two later the girls were sent into a state of hysterical frenzy as they were walked past a parked car with it’s engine ticking over. They were screaming at the top of their voices “The car! It’s coming to get us.”

Nothing But Memories

John and Florence have always stuck by the fact that they never mentioned anything about the twin’s dead siblings until they were much older.

When the girls reached the age of five their strange memories vanished almost overnight. They now live very normal lives.

Do you have any opinions on the Pollock twins? Do you believe this is a real case of reincarnation or nothing more than false hope by grieving parents? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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