The Real Battle Los Angeles

The Real Battle Los Angeles

​Many of you out there reading this will be familiar with the 2011 film but in this article we will be looking at the real battle Los Angeles that took place way back in 1942…

Pearl Harbor 

A few months after the shocking Pearl Harbor attacks another extraordinary attack took place. On February 24th, 1942 at around 10:30pm the warning sirens blasted all across southern California to warn the citizens of an approaching threat.

By this point the locals were pretty much used to the sirens so they casually went outside to see what all the fuss was about.

Most of them were pretty sure it was some kind of false alarm so they gathered around and chatted as they scanned the local skyline. They had no idea about what they were about to witness…

Be Prepared

The US Navy and the Coast Guard worked together very closely at the time and they prepared themselves for the coming onslaught.

Anti-aircraft weapons and Navy ships were all set in formation as the forces prepared. All they knew was that some sort of aircraft was approaching the shoreline.

The US Navy 1942
The US Navy 1942

Suddenly they spotted the object off in the distance and they could immediately tell it was no aircraft. As it came closer they realized they were looking at something none of them had ever witnessed before.

The craft was enormous and it hovered silently above them – moving in sudden directions whenever it needed to.

Contact – The Real Battle Los Angeles

It wasn’t long before the Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox decided to give the go ahead to open fire on this strange new invader.

The attack lasted for about an hour and a half and in this time the Military fired over 1400 rounds of 12.8 pound anti-aircraft artillery at the craft.

The object seemed to take no notice or damage from the barrage and continued to move up the shoreline towards Long Beach – nothing could stop it!


There were thousands of people out that night and all of them reported the same thing. Among these local witnesses were workers and reporters for all the local newspapers – this story was going to break!

Battle of Los Angeles LA Times
Battle of Los Angeles LA Times Newspaper Report

The military seemed to realize there could be a mass panic with this incident and quickly moved to try and convince people it was nothing more than a stray weather balloon.

The thousands of local witnesses soon smashed this theory by claiming what they saw was nothing like a weather balloon. They described a large circular object that was able to manipulate the sky like no aircraft they had ever seen before.

There was also the fact that they had just witnessed the military firing everything they had at this object to no effect. So the military couldn’t even shoot down a weather balloon – not likely!

The Mystery

With all the evidence in the case of the real battle Los Angeles it is clear that this strange object was nothing to do with any military force. It is also clear that is was something foreign to our planet.

It was not man-made – thousands of witnesses will testify to that!

The military hit this vessel with everything they had and had no joy whatsoever – they could not stop it.

In our opinion the real battle Los Angeles was the first multiple person UFO sighting in the USA. What do you think?

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