The Roseate Pearl

The Roseate Pearl

This article will be covering the paranormal experiences of Gerard Trower, the first Anglican Bishop of North, Western Australia. Was the paranormal entity in his new home a victim of the Roseate pearl?

Let’s take a closer look…

Gerard Trower

When Gerard Trower moved into his new residence (Bishops Palace), he had no idea he would have to be sharing the property with someone from the other side…

A couple of nights after he moved into the house, he was awoken by a strange figure in the middle of his bedroom – emanating a bright white light.

He later described the specter as being dressed up in some sort of rabbi garb, but others who have crossed path with the ghost claim he is dressed more like an affluent gentleman of old.

Gerard Trower
Gerard Trower

After a little research, Trower came to the conclusion that this was the ghost of a man who used to own Bishops Palace – Abraham de Vahl Davis.

Davis had perished a few years before Trower had bought the property, in Australia’s worst civilian maritime disaster.

That should really have been the end of the story…but Trower also uncovered a sinister tale that was linked to Davis…

The Cursed Pearl

Trower discovered that Davis had purchased a so-called cursed pearl just before he perished in the disaster – the Roseate pearl.

The history of the pearl starts off as it being an object stolen, and then stolen again – between a diver and Chinese underworld characters.

From what I gather – these two Chinese mobsters ended up being hung for crimes they did not commit.

The pearl then resurfaced in 1905, after a body of a man was found in the ocean near Chinatown, Broome. He had been attacked, and then left unconscious in the water to drown.

The unfortunate victim turned out to be a pearl dealer named Mark Liebglid, who was interested in purchasing the pearl off three rather suspicious men – Hagens, Espada and Marquez.

The deal was set to be carried out on boat offshore, but the three ‘dealers’ ended up killing Liebglid in an unorganized fashion – they had to leave his body floating in the sea because witnesses were beginning to gather on the shoreline.

Anyway – they were caught, and sentenced to death.

Hagen was hung first – without incident. But, Marquez and Espada started arguing on the gallows block and lashing out at one another – causing the Chief Warder to step forward and separate them…

The Cursed Pearl

Unfortunately, this was the moment the executioner decided to pull the handle…and all three of the men plummeted through the hole.

Marquez and Espada died instantly at the end of the rope…but the Chief Warder fell a full twelve feet, head first, into the concrete below.

After this mess – the pearl apparently ended up in the hands of a destitute Philippine man (nobody knows how?). He sold the pearl on the raise money to return to his homeland. When he finally arrived back home – he died within hours of setting his feet on native soil.

The man who purchased the pearl off the Philippine was named Gomez – he had invested nearly all his savings in the impressive object. Unfortunately it was soon stolen off him…and he committed suicide out of despair.

Abraham de Vahl Davis

This is where the pearl ended up in the hands of Abraham de Vahl Davis – who purchased it for twenty thousand pounds, at Port Hedland, Western Australia…shortly before he was due to make a trip aboard the SS Koombana, to his home in Broome.

The SS Koombana

On the 20th of March, 1912, the SS Koombana was taken down by a freak hurricane…with Davis and the pearl on board.

Skeptics believe that the pearl never really existed – that it was nothing more than a folk tale turned into an urban legend. Others believe the item was VERY real and held VERY evil powers…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. Apparently a Bernard Rubin had brought the pearl in 1935 in Paris

    I believe he was Australian male
    Who was a famous race car driver
    Who won la mans

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