The Scole Experiment Report

Henry Sidgwick, a founding member of the SPR
Henry Sidgwick, a founding member of the SPR

A well-organized series of seances in the 1990’s made up the Scole experiment report. It was put together by members of the Society for Psychical Research with a view to collecting real proof on life after death.

For those of you that don’t know – Scole is a picturesque village in Norfolk, England. Why they picked this village as the venue for the experiment is anyone’s guess!

The seance experiment was apparently a great success and witnesses claimed to see strange lights through the room, ghostly images imposing themselves on blank film, reports of phantom touches, levitation of furniture and voices from a distant.

There were many respected investigators involved with this project and they came up with no proof of any sort of fraud. This is why the Scole experiment report is regarded as some of the most concrete evidence on the spirit world ever gathered…

The Scole Experiment

The group was made up of six mediums and fifteen investigators from the Society for Psychical Research which is based in London. The society is now more than a century old and has carried out many investigations over that time period.

The Scole experiment was a few hundred pages long and was first published in the journal Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research. The investigators that were present at the proceedings wrote the report.

So what did this report cover? What actually happened at the experiment?

The six mediums sat in a dark cellar and two of them went into a trance. They were sort of relaying messages from the spirits to the other mediums and the other mediums were following the instructions.

The Scole Experiment

The photographic films I mentioned above were placed in the center of the room in sealed containers. After the seance they were developed to reveal handwriting, hieroglyphs and other symbols and messages.

As well as this the experiment provided interesting photographs, strange audio recordings and physical manifestations within the dark cellar.

No Restrictions

When I first heard about this experiment and it’s results I was very excited – could this have been what I was waiting to hear about for so many years?

The proof seemed extraordinary and the fact that none of the investigators found evidence of any fraud really backed things up.

But the skeptics out there bit back with some interesting points that I had not even thought about – namely how NOT to do a scientific experiment….

  • First things first – the controls and the restrictions seemed to be completely taken out of the investigators hands. The mediums were in complete control of the experiment thus effectively ruling out the possibility of this being a serious scientific examination of the proceedings.
  • The mediums did not hold hands in the seance so they could of been responsible for the mysterious goings on in the darkened room
  • For some reason infra-red and night vision was excluded from the experiment as the mediums thought it might distract the spirits
  • The films that were placed in the box by the researchers didn’t have any findings on them. Only the films placed in there by the psychics did.
  • The room was actually chosen by the mediums – why didn’t the investigators pick a location?

A lot of people believe the Scole experiment report to be clear cut proof that spirits and the afterlife exist. If this is the case why didn’t they follow up the experiments with more?

Surely if you come this close to something this big you need to follow it through and go again?

I still believe there is some sort of proof in these findings but I cannot rule out the possibility of fraud. The lack of serious controls and experimental protocols mean that the psychics let themselves down overall.

They had the chance to prove without any reasonable doubt but it seems to me they didn’t take that chance.

What do you think?

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  1. I should of known you already knew about this. Still so amazing I wanna try it myself but i don’t know exactly what your messing with. Never fuck with Ouija boards either

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