The Sealand Skull


The Sealand Skull

​In this article we will be taking a look at the recent case of the Sealand Skull. What species did this rather creepy looking item belong to?


The skull was discovered by a contractor in the small Danish town of Ølstykke in 2007. He was in the process of dealing with aging sewer pipes on a property when he stumbled across it.

At first the locals thought it was nothing more than the skull of a horse. The property where it was found used to be owned by a horse butcher.

But as soon as the skull was properly cleaned people began to see the real picture – what species did this belong to?

Strangely enough, the skull didn’t really attract much media attention for the first few years until a serious study was conducted in 2010 at at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Their studies were in vain as they could not determine what mammal the skull belonged to. They did however conclude that it could not fit into the Linnean Taxonomy.

The Sealand Skull

The skull then ended up in the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen where scientists once again struggled to determine it’s origins.

However, they did manage to pull off some successful carbon dating tests that dated the skull about a 1000 years old ( somewhere around the 1200 mark ).

This proved to everyone that the skull was definitely not a hoax item and the area was excavated for more proof. They found nothing else that resembled this strange find.

The Skeleton?

Thoughts then turned to the remainder of the skull’s skeleton – where was it?

The man who found it apparently stated that it was actually positioned above the pipes he was working on. This means that someone could have left it there within the last two decades!

Conspiracy theorists believe that it could of been an item that was guarded by the L’Ordre Lux P Pégasos or the Order of Pegasus Light.

This group are thought to have been charged with taking care of several of the most powerful items in history. One of these items was thought to be a cranium.

Apparently, the Order of Pegasus Light was founded in the 1300’s and had very famous members over the years including Shakespeare, H.G. Wells and Thomas Jefferson.

The Skull

When the skull is put up against a traditional human skull there are certain characteristics that stand out. The skull is a lot larger than a human head and the eye sockets are huge.

These alien looking eye sockets are also set off center on the skull – they seem to stretch around it’s sides. The chin and the nostrils are also a lot smaller than your typical human skull.

But the most fascinating aspect of the skull is it’s texture. When you place your hand on it you can feel an extreme smoothness to it’s design. This type of smooth texture indicates that the skull came from a creature that had adapted to extremely cold weather.

Tests are still being carried out to this day but there is no getting away from the fact that this skull looks like the real deal – extraterrestrial.

There have been many calls of hoax but the facts keep on ripping the credibility out of these calls. Many believe the skull to be from an alien biological entity that passed away long ago.

Could this be an unknown species of alien that has eluded all of science for all of history? Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

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    1. Hi Peter,
      Normally I wouldn’t allow this type of link in the comment section but I’ve visited the petition and I very much like what I see. Good luck with it 🙂

  1. From a layman’s standpoint, this is a very unfortunate mutation of some animal. The severe mutation makes it difficult (again, for a layman) to recognize what type of animal it was. Perhaps some kind of ape. I do find it difficult to believe that a professional zoologist or biologist is not able to make that determination, but that is probably because no one has found this even remotely important or particularly unusual, and has therefore not bothered to take the time or spend the money to conduct the necessary tests.

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