The Shazaam Movie Mystery

The Shazaam Movie Mystery

Now this is a strange one…

In this article we will be taking a look at the mystery behind the 90’s Shazaam movie…that doesn’t seem to exist…

The Search For The Movie

Over the last couple of years, numerous Reddit and Twitter members have been desperately posting questions regarding a 90’s comedy called Shazaam.

The film apparently starred actor and comedian Sinbad as a friendly genie – sounds like a nice family film…but not my type of thing!

actor and comedian Sinbad

Anyway, thousands of people online have come forward and claimed that the movie was released BEFORE Shaq’s complete flop of a comedy called Kazaam.

Now, Kazaam was a pretty poor film – and critics called it out for this…but fans of Shazaam insist that it was a really good movie – nowhere near as cheesy as Shaq’s critically panned comedy.

The Movie That Never Was…

There is no record of this movie ever existing – even Sinbad himself says he never acted in it or had even heard of it before numerous people on the internet started asking him about it.

It’s a really strange situation – so much so, The magazine NewStatesman decided to look into the ‘Shazaam Conspiracy’ with a investigative article on the subject.

Why do so many people have vivid memories about this movie – a project that never existed, with no records, photos, old tapes…nothing?

Fans of the movie have even set up webpages online offering a cash rewards for anyone with a copy – they are desperate to prove it is real!

The Social Contagion of Memory

The what?

Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?

But, many ‘experts’ believe this Shazaam conspiracy is down to something called the social contagion of memory.

This points to the idea that all the talk and conspiracy hype surrounding the ghost movie is creating realistic false memories in people’s minds.

A large number of the movie’s ‘fans’ believe that the film was purposefully disappeared, due to the fact that the big cheese Sinbad did not like the finished article. Could this be true?

Conspiracy theorists believe that this is the perfect example of multiple realities – the movie has existed in one of our dimensions, and knowledge of it seems to have slipped over into our dimension. Basically – splintered versions of our linked realities have somehow managed to converge.

splintered versions of our linked realities have somehow managed to converge

I have to be honest with you here – I’m not a fan of American ‘family’ comedies, but I would LOVE to get a copy of this baby…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.

8 comments on “The Shazaam Movie Mystery

    1. I’m afraid that cover is not the original one which was posted on Reditt or Twitter – it’s actually the 4th version I’ve seen now! 🙂
      This subject is awesome – the Mandela Effect twisted into all manner of obscurity, and they’re still no closer to any sort of truth.
      Check out this message I got on Google Plus this morning from a Nancy Boyd –

      “I just Googled it and it said ThinkGeek has the VHS which was produced by Disney for $24.99. I also used to run a video store and I’m pretty sure that we carry that in the VHS format”

      I also received several direct messages from the site’s contact form last night, one of which claimed to have been an extra in the movie!!!!
      No, Snopes has shot high and wide with this one – so have most of us who have posted about this online (including me!).
      The Mandela Effect is fascinating…
      So is this movie! 🙂

    1. That’s definitely won the comment of the day award Fred – ‘I think we’re being treated like mushrooms’
      What a wonderful line!!!!

  1. I believe that work that has been done by scientists, even more so now that the Large Hadron Collider is running, are causing our realities to split. That is why some people so clearly remember certain things, while others dont. In one persons past, the movie DID actually exist, while in anothers past, it did not.

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