The Tantallon Castle Ghost Photos

The Tantallon Castle Ghost Photos

This article will be covering the Tantallon Castle ghost photographs that were snapped 32 years apart, by different families…with the same ghost appearing in each image…

Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle is a characteristic ruin of a castle that stands in East Lothian, Scotland. It has been a popular tourist attraction to the area for many decades now.

In 2008 a family group of tourists descended on the ruins and took as many photographs as they could fit in. When they were finished, they put the camera away and traveled home to edit the pictures on their computer.

The photographer noticed that in one of the photo’s, a strange figure was standing in one of the upper windows of the castle. On closer inspection, he realized that the figure was dressed in Tudor clothing, complete with a traditional neck ruff.

Tantallon Castle

To this day, he insists that nobody else, except for his family, were in the ruin at the time the photograph was snapped.

The Second Photograph

A Mrs. Lamb from Edinburgh came across the report of the 2008 photograph by accident, and decided to release a photo she took of her late husband and two children at Tantallon Castle 32 years earlier.

This photograph once again, seems to contain the image of the specter in Tudor clothing, neck ruff and all.

The Second Photograph

Many paranormal experts believe that these two images, taken 32 years apart, contain the same paranormal entity…others are not so sure…

Skeptics believe that the families were mistaken in thinking that they were alone in the castle at the time of photographs, and the images are simply showing glimpses of passers by as they look down on the photographer.

Others believe that the so-called ghosts are nothing more than mundane castle objects, that just appear human-like in the photographs.

What do you think?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Tantallon Castle ghost images, please leave them in the comment section below.

11 comments on “The Tantallon Castle Ghost Photos

  1. I think it’s pretty convincing evidence myself. If they were taken in the same spot I’d think it was an object, but they don’t look like the same window.

    1. Hi Kellie,

      No I don’t think it’s the same window in each picture. I did have some ‘close ups’ on each image but they became too blurry when I attempted to post them in the article (sorry!)

  2. Well as I was reading your article, having seen both of the pictures I had chills through my body. To some extent I have always believed in paranormal activity. But I also believe the energy of what was something in a certain place will always exist, hence the past running as it always has been. Maybe sometimes the past and the future get mixed, who knows.What is your belief on paranormal activity?

  3. This looks very genuine and creepy. I always have had an interest in paranormal phenomena. It intrigues me and I firmly believe that there is more between heaven and earth. These Tantallon Castle photos do look real. Unfortunately, I also know that a lot of manipulated paranormal photos circulate on the internet. That is why I will first have to observe it myself if I want to believe it.


  4. Well, I’ve been looking at things like this on the internet for ages. Here’s how I handle it : I never believe any of the stories with no evidence – just a scary tale somebody relates, I rarely believe the still shots (like these) because they’re too easy to fake, or so often turn out to be a reflection, or a broom, or a floor lamp, or some other “ho-hum” explanation, and I only consider videos, and then with a lot of skepticism. So this is probably just a real flesh-and-blood person standing in the window, something real people often do, or it’s some mundane object or objects that poor camera focus and over-active imaginations have turned into a ghost. Tell the truth – which is really more likely ? Folks, I really do wish one of these would prove to be supernatural, but this one ain’t it.

  5. I visited Tantallon in August 2017 on a beautiful day just like in the photos. It’s amazing and you are transported back to the time when it was a fully functioning castle as you wander around it. I didn’t want to leave actually….I support the idea that the castle has lingering spirits. The fact that two photos were taken many years apart yet show a figure that is so very alike seals the deal for me. I love Scotland!

  6. They don’t look very convincing to me I’m afraid.
    Plus on top of that, I’ve visited hundreds of places which have a dubious past and are supposedly haunted, never seen a single thing!

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