The Thomas Mantell UFO Incident

The Thomas Mantell UFO Incident

In this article we will be taking a look at the rather sinister Thomas Mantell UFO incident from 1948, that took place six months after the famous Roswell alien report…

The Sighting

Barely a week into the brand new year of 1948, several witnesses contacted Kentucky State Police about a UFO they had spotted above them, measuring approximately 300 feet in diameter. They all seemed to think that the vessel was moving slowly in a westerly direction.

The authorities were contacted and they confirmed that there were no aircraft out in the area.

Sgt. Quinton Blackwell and Base Commander, Colonel Guy Hix, were two of three witnesses in the Godman Air Traffic Control Tower that also saw this object.

The P-51 Mustangs

A team of four P-51 Mustangs were on their way back to base when they were suddenly contacted and asked to investigate the skies where the UFO had been spotted. The team were under the command of Captain Thomas Mantell.

Alongside him were a pair of wing men. On his right was Lt. Albert Clements and on his left was B.A. Hammond.

One of the aircraft had to return to base due to the fact that it was low on fuel, and therefore unable to pursue an investigation.

The P-51 Mustangs

The Pursuit

When the team eventually located the UFO, they realized that it was at an altitude of at least 30,000 feet. This meant that the Mustangs would struggle to get near it.

The team of aircraft went for it anyway, but two broke off the pursuit at 22,500 feet…

But Mantell decided to ignore his orders, and carried on with the pursuit.

To this day, nobody really knows why Mantell decided to carry on with the chase, but at some point he must have been overcome with the effects of hypoxia, and passed out. His plane carried on until gravity took hold of it.

The Wreckage

The wreckage of Mantell’s Mustang was eventually found close to the border between Kentucky and Tennessee. It had come down on the land of a local farm near Franklin.

His watch had stopped at 3:18pm, and investigators took this to be the moment his plane hit the ground.

The Wreckage

Many conspiracy theories have surfaced linking Mantell to one of the branches of Project Blue Book…was this the reason why he decided to carry on with the pursuit?

Had he received a different set of orders?

Numerous eyewitness accounts also ended up being disregarded…

The owner of the farm where the Mustang crashed claimed that the aircraft had circled three times and gave him the impression that the pilot wasn’t aware what the plane was actually doing.

He and his wife also claim that the plane exploded high up in the air, before it crashed back down to Earth.

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  1. RULE #1: Always use the CIA-coined, derogatory term ‘conspiracy theory’ to immediately discredit ALL parts of any story ‘they’ wish to cover up.

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