The Travis Walton Abduction Case

The Travis Walton Abduction Case

This article will be taking a look at the famous Travis Walton abduction case from 1975, and the speculation and controversy that has surrounded it ever since…

The Travis Walton Experience

Local logger Travis Walton, went missing from a small town in Arizona on November the 5th, 1975. Ever since the world has been mystified and intrigued by his explanation of events.

On the evening of Wednesday, November the 5th, in 1975, 22-year-old Walton was in the process of returning to Snowflake after work. He was joined by his boss, Mike Rogers, and five other men.

The group were working for the United States Forest Service and had fallen behind in their job. They had been trying desperately to catch up by working longer hours.

On their journey home they noticed what they thought was a forest fire on the horizon. As they got closer to the cause of the fire they came across a large silvery disc hovering in mid-air.

Walton was fascinated by this strange sight, and decided to get closer to the floating object.

The Travis Walton Experience

As he neared the object, the other members of the group started to notice it wobbling and making a strange noise – they shouted to Walton to return at once!

Walton started to retreat but was suddenly hit by a blue-green ray shot from the disc. He was then lifted off the ground and thrown about 3 meters.

The Travis Walton Alien Abduction

Mike Rogers and his group were certain that this ray had killed their friend – so they sped off into the night as fast as they could.

When they got a couple of miles down the road they suddenly stopped – what had they just done?

Had they left their friend for dead?

They returned to the scene of the incident to find no sign of the disc or Travis.

The Travis Walton Alien Abduction

When they finally got back to the town, they contacted the police and reported Walton missing…but they didn’t mention anything about a UFO until later that evening.

When they did, the police, and some volunteers, as well as most of Rogers’ crew, returned to the woods that night to search but found nothing.

The police started to suspect the group’s UFO theory

The Story Spreads…

By Saturday the 8th, the story had spread via international media and the town was overtaken by ufologists, scientists and news reporters.

The following Monday, the group of loggers were ordered to undergo polygraph examinations, which they all passed with flying colors.

At about midnight that same Monday, Walton’s’ brother-in-law received a strange phone call from someone claiming to be Travis – he picked up Travis’s brother, Duane, and headed to a nearby gas station…where they found the hysteric Walton.

The Travis Walton UFO Abduction

He was screaming that he was hurt, he had a few day’s growth of beard and he seemed extremely thin. All the way home he ranted about “beings with terrifying eyes”.

When he was told that he had been gone for nearly a week…he stopped screaming and fell silent.

The Travis Walton UFO Abduction

After numerous medical examinations, Travis Walton told the authorities what had really happened to him…

He claimed that he woke up on board an alien craft where he was examined by small humanoids with large eyes who wore orange jumpsuits. He was eventually led to a hangar room which contained various crafts, and a mask was placed over his face.

He then woke up near the gas station where he was found.

A polygraph exam was arranged by The National Enquirer – they did not believe Walton’s version of events. He sat the test and failed it miserably, although his friends pointed out that he was still mentally unstable and agitated from his experience.

He has taken and passed ALL of his polygraph exam’s since – but that initial failure seems to have stained his story’s credibility.

The Travis Walton UFO abduction was eventually turned into a film named Fire in the Sky in 1993…although it ended up being blasted for not really sticking to Travis’s version of events.

What are your views on the Travis Walton abduction case?

Fact or elaborate, and clever, hoax?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

10 comments on “The Travis Walton Abduction Case

  1. I guess I’m always inclined to be skeptical of alien abduction stories, especially when it is only witnessed by a few people. However, I’ve always been of the belief that if something like this could happen, it isn’t necessarily aliens, but more in the realm of demonic activity. It is such an interesting topic as there are a ton of things that are mysterious about the world we live in! Thanks for writing the article as, at the very least, it’s an intriguing story!

  2. What an intriguing story! I hadn’t heard of the Travis Walton Abduction Case before, and I find it really fascinating. I honestly can’t say if it was real or a hoax, but I do think, as vast as the universe is (truly beyond our capacity to even comprehend), there has got to be “more out there” than just our little planet crawling with life. Because, seriously, who wants to think human beings are the best the universe can do?! (haha…joking…kind of). I’ve always been a bit of a paranormal geek myself so find your site super-interesting. Thanks for sharing the fun and speculation, Chris. 

    1. Well thanks for visiting us Cheri!

      I agree, I don’t or can’t believe that we are the best the universe has to offer – all we provide is death, arguments, environmental damage and war! 

  3. Hey there,

    Abduction by aliens was always, and still is a very exciting and intriguing phenomena that raises so much questions and provides so little answers. The Travis Walton’s experience with this mysterious occurrence was very interesting and fascinating to say the least, While there is very little amount of expriences with alien abduction known to us- community, but those which do exist provide very different and unique intake on Aliens, their behaviour, appearance and basically everything that surrounds & has to do with them. I was very surprised by the way Travis explained the look of the Aliens, especially the part where he insists that they wore orange jump suits and were small size. That’s the first time I’ve heard someone seeing them like that, hmmm-interesting.

     All in all, thanks for such captivating and informative article, I’ve really enjoyed it 😉

    1. Hi Evald, 

      A lot of reports linked to aliens describe them as being in some sort of ‘space suit’. I know what you mean – I always imagine the greys-looking, more typical alien when I hear about the subject, never in suits! 

      There are a lot of different species out there (apparently!). 

  4. There are still some skepticism about whether or not there are life forms on different universes. That I believe why there is so much spent on space exploration. As for this story, the only real person who can answer that would be Travis Walton. But then he did answer that and only failed one polygraph since being found. But this has grabbed my attention and I think that I will do some research into this. I mean using the internet…. (LOL) and I won’t be going near any funny or strange looking objects, though that might be interesting…. 

  5. It sounds quite suspicious to me if he failed his polygraph requested by the National Enquirer. They don’t exactly have a huge reputation for being the most accurate newspaper in town, most considered them ‘fake news’ long before it was even a popular term. I find it even more odd that they’d even request a polygraph to begin with to be honest, it makes think they had found some significant inconsistencies or oddities in his story from the start.

    It sounds pretty suspicious to me to be honest, but I err on the side of not believing many of these stories because there’s rarely any physical proof. That being said, I still definitely believe there is life out there!

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