The Treasure Pit on Oak Island

The Treasure Pit on Oak Island

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the so-called treasure pit on Oak Island that has been baffling fortune hunters since way back in the summer of 1795…

Oak Island Money Pit

The mystery of the Oak Island Money Pit began back in 1795 when a young lad named Daniel McGinnis noticed a set of bright lights shining from an island just offshore near Nova Scotia, in Canada.

McGinnis lived near this shoreline and was used to observing the small islands scattered around the ex-pirate enclave.

The locals at the time pretty much had money on the mind – and Daniel McGinnis was no different!

People in the area were aware of this remote coastline’s history, and were constantly on the lookout for buried pirate treasure.

McGinnis could not resist the temptation – he jumped in his little boat and headed out towards the lights…

Ashore on Oak Island

When McGinnis got to the island he was confronted by a strange circular depression that was approximately 13 feet in diameter – something had obviously been buried in this area!

With hidden wealth on his mind – he went home and returned to the spot the next day…with digging equipment.

McGinnis hit a strange flagstone when he had dug no more than 2 feet down – it seemed to be a cover of sorts.

Oak Island Money Pit

He carried on digging for another 10 feet until he hit a layer of timber – something had to be buried down there!

He went on to 20 feet – another layer of timber, 30 feet – yet another layer of timber.

Unfortunately this is the point where McGinnis had to stop – he could not possibly dig down any further.

Treasure Hunt

In the years since, various companies and excavation teams have taken on the task of locating the treasure that McGinnis (thought he had) located.

Professional excavators have been teased and tortured by wooden platforms every 10 feet.

At 90 feet, one of the treasure location’s most enticing finds was uncovered – a old stone slab with strange and mysterious writing etched into it.

Could this be a clue as to how deep the treasure is buried?

old stone slab with strange and mysterious writing etched into it

The slab remained a mystery until the mid 1860’s when James Leitchi, a renowned professor of languages from Dalhousie University in Halifax, got hold of the stone.

After a bit of work, he concluded that he had broken the code etched into the rock. It supposedly read:

“Forty Feet Below, Two Million Pounds Are Buried.”

The Treasure Pit on Oak Island

The excavation has now drilled down to 190 feet – this pretty much means the stone slab was a little white lie (or James Leitchi had translated it wrong!).

Remember, this treasure was supposedly buried in the 18th-century – if it is there, it is a monumental engineering feat.

Theories include a huge collection of pirate jewels, Marie Antoinette’s lost jewels, documents that reveal the REAL writer behind William Shakespeare’s plays and even the lost Ark of the Covenant.

When will this treasure hunt stop?

At what depth will it finally reach?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

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  1. It’s a bit like the Pyramids – construction which seems to be beyond the technology and skills of the people involved, with strange symbols and hidden places. Definitely another Unexplained Mystery.

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