The USS Scorpion Wreck Conspiracy

The USS Scorpion Wreck Conspiracy

In late May, 1968, the submarine USS Scorpion departed from Norfolk, Virginia, and started it’s journey towards the Mediterranean.

Three months later the USS Scorpion wreck was discovered scattered along the ocean floor.

What was the cause behind this military catastrophe and why did the 99 crew members on board end up losing their lives?

The USS Scorpion Submarine

The submarine was known to have almost a decade of reliable service behind it and their were no real worries about it’s upcoming journey as it set sail.

On May 27, 1968, family members of the Scorpion‘s crew waited with excitement on a dock expecting their loved ones to arrive at any moment.

The wait full of excitement soon turned into a personal nightmare for every family involved with the submarine’s journey.

The Navy finally located the wreckage of the sub in October and officially announced that all 99 members of the crew had lost their lives.

The Investigations

The main investigation was headed by Robert Ballard in 1985 but he struggled to come to any sort of conclusions.

Within a few months he discovered the wreck of the Titanic so he near enough put the Scorpion wreckage ‘on hold’ until he finished up with this new find.

In 2012, calls were made for new expeditions to the Scorpion‘s wreck site so that experts can once again try to fit the pieces of the mystery together.

Conspiracy Theories

For some reason these calls for new expeditions into the wreckage were totally ignored – why?

The internet harbors many ‘hidden’ reports claiming the sub was the victim of a violent Soviet attack that they never saw coming.

Other theorists believe a cover up was put in place due to a unique military technical fault in the torpedo system.

If a torpedo was accidentally set off without a target it could well of turned course and headed on back toward the sub – destroying it instantly!

Other experts are adamant that if the sub’s propeller shaft malfunctioned, it may have caused stress to the engine coupling.

This could well of lead to it breaking up, resulting in water entering the sub and killing all those on board.

The USS Scorpion Wreck

Families of the lost still want answers…and these answers look like they will never surface.

What was the force behind this tragedy and why is it overlooked so frequently?

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4 comments on “The USS Scorpion Wreck Conspiracy

  1. Hi Chris, I love a good conspiracy theory and this one sounds very bizarre not to mention sad for the families involved. It would be interesting to hear if any further facts are ever discovered and if the situation gets ‘laid to rest’ The sea can hide all manor of things and so its quite possible this shall remain unexplained forever more.

    1. Yes, quite possible indeed Emma!

      A sad case as you point out…but one which is going to be near enough impossible to solve by the looks of things!

  2. Explosion external to the hull. The only question being “who’s warhead was it?”

    The original investigation report includes a conclusion that “an explosion external to the hull with a charge weight of (redacted) lbs was the initial acoustic event”, or wording very close to that. There it is. There’s your smoking gun. Now go figure out who fired it.

    The comments of the Soviet Admiral Navoytsev to Captain Huchthausen is a damning statement in and of itself.

    And then there are those who do not understand that internal bulkheads will fail at a lower pressure than the hull itself, so one flooded compartment can lead to full hull flooding without a catastrophic implosion. Anybody seen the pictures of the wreckage?

    And finally you have the “deafwhale” guy, who apparently thinks whales and humans will some day marry and interbreed…and his theory about seaquakes. Do seaquakes exist? Yes. So where’s the acoustic evidence (low frequency) of a seaquake?

    Nice guy. Apparently very intelligent. But here, way off the mark.

    The loss of the USS Scorpion is a criminal investigation. Follow the rules of a criminal investigation: go where the hard evidence takes you. The acoustic evidence; the hull evidence; and the statements of those who were in the know about what really happened.

    From there, it’s a short trip to the truth. No one will ever confirm that you got it right.

    1. Hey SeaWolf,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave these awesome points on our article! Comments like this really help our content evolve and drum up some great interaction! A very interesting point of view…

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