The Vampire of Barcelona

The Vampire of Barcelona

This article will be covering the twisted and sordid career of Enriqueta Martí i Ripollésthe – The Vampire of Barcelona. A psychotic and disturbed woman who used to kidnap children for paedophiles…and then turn their remains into lavish cosmetics…

Teresita Guitart Congost

On the 10th of February, 1912, a little girl named Teresita Guitart Congost was befriended by a homeless lady in the city of Barcelona. This homeless lady had given her numerous sweets, and won over her trust with ease.

As the pair walked down a deserted street, Teresita realized that she was now getting further and further away from her family home. She tried to get away from the old homeless lady…but a dark cloth was tied around her head…and she was dragged to a nearby location.

When the cloth was removed, Teresita was in an apartment – she looked up to see another girl sitting there, around about the same age.

The old lady then set about cutting Teresita’s hair, and then informed her that her parents were dead – she was to look after her, and to call her ‘step-mamma’.

For the next few weeks the beggar lady would go out during the day – the two girls were told not to go anywhere near the windows, and were also told they were not allowed in certain rooms.

After a few weeks, the girls got curious, and entered one of the ‘banned’ rooms. In there they found the remains of blood-stained children’s clothing, and a big boning knife.

Teresita Guitart Congost

Days after this gruesome discovery, Teresita managed to get near a window, and a neighbor named Claudia Elias spotted her…she then asked the old lady who the girl was…

The old beggar did not reply – she simply shut the blinds on the window.

The next time the old lady returned home from one of her ‘outings’, she had a policeman with her. The two young girls were quickly identified and returned to their families.

The Monster Enriqueta Marti Ripolles

So ended the demonic career of Enriqueta Martí i Ripollés – she had finally picked up a child who would not obey her rules, and she was caught red-handed.

Teresita’s photograph had been handed over to the media when she went missing – her parents had kicked up one hell of a fuss.

Claudia Elias recognized her instantly when she saw her at the window, and informed the authorities.

The Monster Enriqueta Marti Ripolles

Enriqueta moved to Barcelona in the early 1900’s, but little is known about her life before this move. She was once very good looking, and decided to give up her initial job as a maid…to become a prostitute.

In 1909 she had saved enough money to open her own brothel…but this was a VERY twisted version of a brothel…

It was a place for the paedophiles of Barcelona, and it was full of children.

Once the children had run their course, they were killed. Their remains were then used by Enriqueta to make potions and poultices, which she sold to her customer’s wives.

The Vampire of Barcelona

It was later discovered that Enriqueta would crush the bones of the dead children, then combine this dust with guts and blood, then turn them into powerful facial creams.

She told her customers that it was a special elixir that would stunt the aging process…and many customers believed her.

When the police raided her apartment, they uncovered ten bodies which had already been prepared for the ‘cosmetic step’. They also found ancient witch doctor scrolls which contained the recipes for the powerful potions.

The Vampire of Barcelona

Numerous coded letters were also found – many believe that they contained the names of the rich and powerful of Barcelona, but they were never decoded.

Enriqueta was dubbed ‘The Vampire of Barcelona’ and thrown in prison when the investigation took place. She never made it to the executioner’s block, as one of the prison inmates killed her. She is apparently buried in an unmarked grave in Cementerio del Sudoeste.

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8 comments on “The Vampire of Barcelona

  1. Hey Chris! This is really interesting as I’m a big fan of mysteries. I felt a bit scared while reading about this. In a couple of places, it felt as though everything was real all of a sudden. There is something really special about the way you write these mysteries. Please keep posting more as I would come visit this website every single day and ready them.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Really appreciate it. Cheers!!!

    1. Well that’s good to hear – thanks for saying so mate! 

      Look forward to seeing you here again in the future (and thanks for the bookmark!). 

  2. Wow Chris,

    What a macabre story. After reading this, you start to wonder how many more of these type of people existed…..and still exist now! If it had not been for the neighbour recognising the missing girl, this woman would have probably preyed on helpless children for a much longer time.

    The fact that she may have been grooming for the elite is also disturbing. Maybe things haven’t changed too much after all. Just saying, without a particular basis for my thoughts. Keep up the great mystery reporting.


  3. Hello Chris. Thank you for sharing this article about The Vampire of Barcelona.

    Gosh! I had a terrific time reading through this. I felt like crying. Enriqueta is such an heartless being. She would have being tormented alot before she dies… I dislike paedophiles . I wonder the pleasure they get from sleeping with children.

    I am just wondering… Oh! This is not good.

  4. Hello and thank you for this bizarre story. I really enjoyed reading it. I am a big fan of mysteries from all across the world. My heritage also has different stories about vampires, werevolves and witches. But this story is something different.

    This woman was clearly mental, when she was preparing cosmetics out of other human beings. Holy moly. That really scared me. I can quite say that this is one of the most scariest articles i have read and i can not be scared that easly.

    I respect that.

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