The Van Meter Visitor

The Van Meter Visitor

The village of Van Meter is located in the great state of Iowa along the beautiful Raccoon River. As of 2010 the population was a little over 1,000 people.

Every year, for the last three years, the town has held ‘The Van Meter Visitor Festival’  on September 30th.

As you can see they have embraced the legend ala’ the folks of Point Pleasant, WV and Mothman.


Over several nights in 1903 the village of Van Meter had a strange and terrifying visitor. It’s hard to put this incident in the practical joke category because it was viewed by many people in the town with good reputations and good standing.

The fiend was described as being half man and half animal. It had leathery wings like some kind of horrific giant bat. However, the strangest thing had to be the powerful light coming from atop the creatures head. It was blinding and totally ruined their vision.


Residents also described a powerful stench coming off of the visitor and that it had a speed like they had never seen before. Shots were fired the first night but the elusive monster got away. The villagers were sure that that they would never see a sight like that again.

However, they were wrong. The following night, while keeping watch, a so called dead eye, shot at the beast while it was perched upon a telephone pole.

The commotion awakened another man who was sleeping in his general store in case of another attack. This man described the creature bouncing and bounding around the area like a deranged kangaroo.

The local school teacher also viewed it and said that it very much looked like a prehistoric monster. Of course being from the strong warrior stock of Iowa the brave men of the town decided that they would fight this demon to the death rather than let it continue to terrorize their little town.

like a prehistoric monster

As pitchforks and shotguns were gathered up for their use in the vengeance seeking vigilante’s posse a cry went out.

The monster had been seen running into a local abandoned mine and everyone needed to report to rout it out so it could be destroyed. As the group gathered around the mouth of the cave a loud cacophony rang out from deep inside the dark tunnel.

It was described by the gathering militia to sound like the devil himself and a platoon of demons were going to an all-out war.

The incredibly loud noise continued and drew closer to the entrance of the abandoned mine until finally in a burst of manic flurry not one but two of the creatures burst out of the cave raising holy hell and shining their bright head lights in everybody’s faces blinding them.

The visitor had brought a friend or child to the party it seemed. The second vile beast was exactly the same except that it was half the size of its counterpart and twice as viscous.


Driven on by revenge and overwhelming fear the townsfolk opened up with everything they had available and concentrated it all on the two man like things. Gunfire and dark black smoke filled the area as living hell rained down on the strange humanoids.


After a moment or two of intense fire and action the smoke cleared and the villagers could see the creatures still standing, seemingly unfazed by the powerful attack perpetrated upon them.

Their headlights glowing dim the men could see their black dead eyes staring as they simply shuffled back into the mine never to be seen again.


A guard was posted by the mine entrance for many months afterward. However, the two visitors have never returned to cause anymore havoc.

It seems that they had had their fill of humans and their violence. The town soon returned to its normal rhythm and nothing more was seen or heard from the Van Meter Visitor.


6 comments on “The Van Meter Visitor

  1. Wow what an eiry story. When you say that the light blinded the towns folk, was it permanent or just temporary? It must be pretty terrifying coming into contact with something like that and even worse not knowing what it is.

    Also strange that the town made a annual festival of this event. Must be pretty scary taking the dark walk down to the viewing site of the creatures. You would think that they would want to forget something like this happened to them, not bring back the memory over and over again every year.

  2. Hi Chris,

    This sounds positively scary but what a sight to behold. I think if I were to encounter something like that, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks! I would be curious to know if there have been any recently reported sightings.

    Do people really go out and hunt for this mythical creature at the Van Meter Visitor Festival?

    Thanks for a great mystery!

    1. Not too sure about recent sightings Mary Ann, but I imagine there are cryptozoologists out there that are regularly searching for the beast!

  3. When I was a child, about 50 years ago, I over heard my father talking to his childhood friend both of whom grew up in the area. They didn’t know I was near the room. I remember they said the mine blown up.

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