The Victims of Marcel Petiot

The Victims of Marcel Petiot

This article will be covering the victims of Marcel Petiot – a man once thought to be a kind soul and a hero, who would provide free care for the poor, and work his hardest to get you out of German occupied Paris during the Second World War…

Holding Out For a Hero…

Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot (what an awesome name!) was considered a local hero during the time of the Second World War.

He was a doctor that opted to provide extremely cheap medical services for those who needed them, and he worked along side the French resistance.

During this time with the resistance, he is thought to have helped dozens of persecuted Jews get out of the country.

doctor marcel petiot

He didn’t charge much for his medical services – but because of this he was extremely popular. This meant money – and lot’s of it!

He was eventually able to purchase a top notch property at 21 Rue Le Sueur – a part of Paris where all the ‘top dogs’ lived.

He built his own personal laboratory within this property’s walls…


On Saturday, March the 11th, 1944, one of Petiot’s neighbors was overcome by a foul stench and smoke, pouring out of the doctor’s chimney.

They went around to the house to complain, but found a note stating that the good doctor was away from the property for a month.

The smell was so bad, and the smoke was so severe, that they decided to contact the police, in case the house became a danger to the street.

The police arrived but they struggled to gain access to the location – so they called in the fire brigade.

The firemen managed to enter the house, and track the smoke source down to the basement, where a coal stove was burning…

Hanging out of this stove was a human arm.

The Atrocities

When the stove was searched more thoroughly, they managed to uncover more human remains, bones and limbs.

Petiot was sent for at once, and arrived a few hours later. He explained to the police sergeant that the remains belonged to Nazi collaborators and traitors – he was an important operative with the resistance and he needed to keep this sort of thing quiet.

The police sergeant immediately understood, and quickly swept the whole incident under the carpet.

The Atrocities

Petiot returned to his ‘other house’ but the police decided to check his Paris property further…they were horrified with what they found…

The garage was basically a lime pit filled with corpses at various stages of decomposition, there was a headless corpse under the stairs and Petiot had built a soundproof room, with a peephole, for torture.

The sergeant knew he had made a terrible mistake – but the lunatic Petiot had gone and there was no trace of him anywhere!


Petiot managed to evade capture for seven months – he was eventually spotted in a Paris metro station. He had been hiding with family and friends, and had even grown his hair out and a beard, for disguise.


He was thrown in jail until his trial date approached, all the time insisting that the bodies were that of dead Germans who deserved to die.

When he finally appeared in court, he refused to name the resistance operatives he worked with. It was later found out that he had no real links to the resistance.

The police had uncovered forty seven suitcases from his home in total – all belonging to people who had paid him to escape the Germans…

Only to be slaughtered by him.

It is thought that Petiot murdered somewhere in the region of  160 men, women and children.

He was eventually executed on May the 25th, 1946. As he stood awaiting his fate he stated “Gentlemen, I ask you not to look. This will not be very pretty.”

dr marcel petiot

Eyewitnesses to the guillotine execution claimed that he smiled until the very end.

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7 comments on “The Victims of Marcel Petiot

  1. Who would have thought that such a person would act that way from the beginning, reading a full story about him for the first time, I think he used the act of taking care of the poor to cover up the killings he was doing, this is such a great story I will read more on it. Thank you for writing this. 

    1. No problem Sandra – it’s really cool to hear from you and find out that you enjoyed the article. Thanks for reading! 

  2. Good day,

    This is the first time I will be hearing about this man called Marcel Petiot, from your write-up story he is an horrible and heartless man. There are so many people out there with good outward looks but are devilish inside of them. You must have done a great research on this one. Thanks for this wonderful write-up/article.


  3. A psychiatrist had diagnosed him for mental illness at a young age meaning he had a dark past; which was later shielded by his medical “generosity”.

    Due to limited tracking of criminals at the time, he was able to get away with many of his misdemeanours until it was too late.

    His remarks during his execution -“Gentlemen, I ask you not to look. This will not be very pretty.” – signifies that he must have killed way more than 160 people.

  4. This is really sad, I feel for those who were trying to survive and ended up been killed, Marcel Petiot who was known to be a local hero turned out to be the devil in disguise himself was covered in deceit pretending to help people in need, anyways I’m not surprised behind every good deed there is price to pay.

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