The Webdriver Torso Video

The Webdriver Torso Video

​The mystery of the Webdriver Torso video began on 23 September 2013 shortly before 3pm when a video clip that lasted no more than 11 seconds was uploaded to YouTube.

The video was of two basic rectangles – one colored red and the other colored blue. They moved around the screen in random movements without any real direction or purpose.

The video was put together on some sort of slideshow software, each slide lasted for just over a second and there was 9 in total.

As the video ran it’s course there was a rather irritating soundtrack of various sine wave tones in the background.

A few hours after the first video was uploaded another, almost identical video appeared on YouTube, then another, then another.

This pattern of uploading continued for nearly two years until there were over 33,000 strange rectangle videos on the social platform.

There seemed to be no real rest breaks between when the videos were uploaded – they appeared at all times through a 24 hour cycle.


With a couple of exceptions, the videos uploaded show the same rectangles in various configurations.

For some reason one of the videos showed three characters from a cartoon called Aqua Teen Hunger Force ( Frylock, Meatwad and Master Shake ). These characters are shown to be in the process of failing miserably at some sort of pub quiz.

But this unique clip was not readily available to the worldwide public – for some reason it was only targeted towards France. On top of that you had to pay a fee for watching it with a French issued credit card.

Webdriver Torso mystery

Another unique video covered some sort of light show celebration – many people believe this to be New Years Eve celebrations around the Eiffel Tower in France.

On closer inspection the Eiffel Tower video seems to show some sort of face in the background – could this be the man behind the Webdriver Torso mystery?

This video also came with a message left in it’s comment section by the apparent channel owner. It read: “Matei is highly intelligent”.

The final stand out video release came in the format of rectangles displaying 80’s pop icon Rick Astley. Each image of the singer seemed to originate from his “Never gonna give you up” song video.


Many individuals have been captivated enough by these videos to take it upon themselves and find out who exactly is behind the mystery.

An Italian blogger known as Soggetto Ventuno believes at one point in time there were several other similar channels floating around YouTube. He claims that these channels disappeared as soon as he uncovered them.

His research finally led him to the name of Johannes Leitner who used to be an employee of Google. During his time at Google he was close friends with a man named Matei Gruber.

Could this be the Matei Gruber who left the comment on the Eiffel Tower video?

Modern spyware, a Google quality test, a secret numbers station or even a simple mistake – many theories are out there but none of them seem to stick!

For some reason Google has been intent to sit back and watch the conspiracy theorists argue among themselves…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

6 comments on “The Webdriver Torso Video

  1. Hey Chris,

    I never noticed the webdriver torso video went viral, was it a virus or just many people uploading it around the same time to make it look like its a trend?

    Maybe Johannes Leitner was having an incident that made Google fire him and now he’s maybe trying to get them back by taking over Google’s YouTube. Would that be possible? Could this be a way of finally getting to the big G?

    Maybe it’s a government test to see how many people notice the videos…linked to those hidden messages you sometimes get in videos?

    Great article once again guys!

    1. Hi Riaz,

      The Google link to Johannes Leitner is interesting…and so is his link to Matei Gruber. I love this incident as it is so cryptic and so well thought out – publishing that many videos over that length of time…why?

      I certainly like your shout about the government testing – subliminal messages tanked out to the unsuspecting public…

      Or was this indeed a revenge attack on Google…but how could this effect the big G at the end of the day?

      A pretty mad and confusing chain of events – so many theories…

  2. This site is very intriguing too people have been trying to decode it for ages.

    Very profound, check it out I’m sure you will like it

  3. It really just seems like Google performing automation testing of some kind, that’s easily testable within specific parameters. Nothing more than that.

    1. Unfortunately Google completely distanced themselves from this incident! Leitner and Gruber were linked to the big G but had no connections when these videos surfaced.

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