The Westall UFO Incident

The Westall UFO Incident

In this article we will be taking a look at the Westall UFO incident that took place on the morning of April 6th, 1966, in Australia…

The Incident

On the morning of April 6th, 1966, hundreds of residents in the Australian suburb of Clayton South in Melbourne, witnessed a UFO hover, land, and quickly fly away into the distance.

The incident was also watched by approximately 200 students and staff from the Westall High School.

Later reports claim that the UFO was a silvery, grey color and was shaped like a typical ‘flying saucer’ craft.

Strangely, the UFO was not alone – it was also accompanied by five light aircraft.

The Men

The entire UFO incident lasted about 20 minutes and shortly after it disappeared there were local reports of men in uniforms turning up on the scene.

They apparently spent the day taking various soil samples from the area and even set the ground ablaze afterwards…to eliminate any evidence of the UFO landing.

UFO incident
Flattened Grass From The UFO Landing Zone?

A week later, one of the local Melbourne newspapers published an article that claimed students and staff from the school were instructed to ‘talk to no-one’ about the incident.

A Light Aircraft?

Even to this day, witnesses that experienced the Westall UFO incident, are firmly adamant that what they saw WAS NOT a light aircraft.

There were also suggestions that the craft was nothing more than a weather balloon – sound familiar?

This UFO case is often hailed as the most impressive mass UFO sighting of the modern UFO era.

But let’s take a step backwards and look at that ‘balloon’ explanation in a little more detail…

Government Documents

Recent uncovering of government documents seem to point to the fact that this UFO could well have been nothing more than a government research balloon.

An author based in Australia named Keith Basterfield, believes a rogue balloon from the HIBAL (high altitude balloon) project is behind the Westall incident. Mr. Basterfield is also a well known unexplained phenomenon researcher.

Students watching the UFO

He claims that the HIBAL project was an ‘undercover’ project put together by the USA and the Australian governments (between 1960 and 1969). The project was created to monitor atmospheric radiation levels.

The balloons are set up with sophisticated sensors and appear sliver in color, when in flight.

A Melbourne-based newspaper, The Herald Sun, published a piece linked to Basterfield’s research that claimed:

“Documents held by the National Archives and former Department of Supply indicate one test balloon launched from Mildura may have been blown off course and came down in Clayton South in a paddock near Westall High School, alarming and baffling hundreds of eyewitnesses, including teachers and students.”

But the newspaper report then went on to claim that the HIBAL test flights paperwork for the 5th – 6th of April was apparently missing…or even destroyed?

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