The Westminster Abbey Ghosts


The Westminster Abbey Ghosts

There are thought to be well over 3000 people buried within the Westminster Abbey location. The dead include 17 well known monarchs from British history.

In this article we will be taking a look at ​the Westminster Abbey ghosts that have decided to linger in this spectacular building…

Westminster Abbey

In the 6th century Westminster was nothing more than a scrappy area of land that rose from the muddy banks of the famous River Thames. During this period of time it was a completely inhospitable section of London.

Serbert the converted king of the East Saxons decided to build a church that was dedicated to St Peter. He made the strange choice of picking this rather marshy island of land for construction.

Once the church was complete Serbert drafted in Mellitus, the first Bishop of London to consecrate the building.

The night before the consecration was due to take place a local fisherman was cornered by a strange figure on the south bank of the Thames. At first this cloaked man seemed pretty intimidating but once he spoke he put the fisherman’s nerves at ease.

He simply asked politely if the fisherman would be kind enough to row him across the Thames to the newly erected church. The fisherman obliged.

When the stranger stepped off the boat on the other side of the river the new church building was suddenly doused in brilliant heavenly light.

Through the celestial brilliance the fisherman noticed dozens of beautiful angles flying around Westminster Abbey.

The cloaked stranger revealed himself to be none other than St. Peter himself. He was there to anoint the church after he found out the building was to be dedicated to him.

The Westminster Abbey Ghosts

As I mentioned earlier in the article – Westminster Abbey is the resting place for well over 3000 souls. With this many historic burials there is bound to be some sort of paranormal activity.

Westminster Abbey’s Triforium is often visited by the spirit of John Bradshaw. Bradshaw was the man who presided over the trial of Charles I. Many tourists have reported seeing his ghostly figure move slowly along the Triforium’s walls.

West Side of Westminster Abbey

A statue of Daniel Pulteney sits proudly in the the South Cloisters of the Abbey. The impressive statue shows Pulteney in a sitting position reading a book.

There have been many reports of this stone representation actually coming to life and turning a page or two of the book it holds.

There is also frequent visits of a ghost of a monk that floats several feet above the ground of the Abbey. His floating is thought to be down to the changes that have happened to the Abbey over the years.

These changes have led to the floor level being progressively lowered leaving the apparition a few feet out of sync with the ground levels.

This monk spirit is known as “Father Benedictus” and he only ever appears between five and six in the evening around the cloisters. Many witnesses have held long conversations with the monk not knowing he was a paranormal entity.

Unlike most spirits he has a very solid ‘flesh and bone’ like structure and there is little ghostly about him. There is a report of him keeping a group of visitors entertained for over half an hour in the early 1900’s.

On another famous occasion in 1932 a pair of American tourists came upon him meandering through a small hall. He immediately struck up a conversation with them and kept them transfixed for several minutes.

The two American tourists later claimed that the priest was extremely polite and not once did they feel any anxiety or fear during the conversation.

There is a memorial for the soldiers who died in World War 1 within the Abbey walls named ‘The Unknown Warrior’. It was constructed in 1920 when a unknown solider was given a royal burial.

The grave was made out of soil that was taken from the battlefields of France where the solider was thought to have perished. The memorial sits proudly upon this soil.

There have been many reports from night security claiming a ghostly figure materializes by the side of the memorial. He stands there with head bowed for a few minutes before disappearing into thin air.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Westminster Abbey ghosts please leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. I’d heard of the Westminster Abbey ghosts but not in such detail as you have here. There are lots of unexplained sitings of dead people, I’m sure if they could tell us they’d give us a simple explanation! A chat with Father Benedictus would be interesting have there been any recent sitings?

  2. This is the second time I am reading about the Westminster Abbey and the Westminister Abbey Ghosts. As per the article, it is the resting place for 3000 souls were the few of the souls(ghosts) decide to linger in this amazing building. With this many historic burials, there is bound to be some sort of paranormal activities like a statue of Daniel Pulteney actually coming to life and turning a page or two of the book it holds. And also there was a report that a pair of American tourists came upon Father Benedictus and struck up a conservation with them.

    1. Hi Samantha,
      I see from your avatar profile that you are a locksmith in the area of Westminster – is this true? Have you heard of any other stories or reports relating to the Abbey ( through your work )?

  3. Hi,
    We Visited Westminster Abbey back last year, looking upon the photos I have noticed three ghost looking figures in one of the Chapels, I’m not too sure if they are kneeing at the Altar or they are sitting on the pews,
    I’m willing to send the photo for someone to look at it.

    1. Hi there Sherie!
      That would be awesome – our readers would love to see that. If you use the contact form we have HERE you will be linked to my main email (gmail). From there it will be much easier for the two of us to converse! 🙂

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